How to recover a permanently banned TikTok account

In this article, we offer you an explanation of how to recover a permanently banned TikTok account, a link to recover a TikTok account, and a solution to a problem that has been permanently banned due to many violations.  And an explanation of recovering a stolen TikTok account and recovering a deleted TikTok account 2021-2022

Users of the famous TikTok application from around the world may be banned from managing the application for understandable or incomprehensible reasons.

Perhaps a person may wake up one day and find that his account in TikTok is banned, so searches for special ways to recover a banned TikTok account begin

Since, with the spread of the TikTok application from around the world, there are many questions that are being asked by users, and one of these questions is to recover a banned TikTok account.

Therefore, in this article, we will present the 100% guaranteed method to recover a banned TikTok account

A glimpse of the Chinese TikTok application.

The TikTok application is a social networking application and the gathering application of short and long videos, as the application also allows the ability to modify the videos significantly.

Where you can add music and audio clips from movies or songs on the video and animate.

It is also possible to add multiple effects and control the characteristics of the video, such as acceleration or other things that allow the user to produce and edit the video completely and easily.

This has made it attract many users from around the world, as the number of times the application has been downloaded on the Apple Store and Google Play platforms has exceeded the 2 billion downloads mark.

Not only that, as the application allows the ability to send messages between users and do live broadcasts to interact with the audience and followers

Some may think that the TikTok application is for entertainment only, but this is not true, as the TikTok application gives huge profits to influencers and people who publish content that get likes

This is confirmed by the statistics that there are a large number of people who have obtained profits and big amounts of money from the application

With the spread of the mass base, anyone in the world may be subjected to a ban by the TikTok administration due to a violation of the privacy and conditions of the application

Or inform someone about the user's account.

Or using any fraudulent applications to increase likes and views.

Therefore, the account must initially be protected from TikTok, and this is done by protecting the TikTok account from the final ban.

How to protect your TikTok account from being banned.

The user should avoid posting audio and videos that has its own property rights and property of someone else

The user should avoid abusing words at other people in conversations to avoid reporting the user's profile.

Apps that increase the number of likes and comments on a user's videos should be avoided.

Basically the user has to add their phone number to continue registering securely and give credibility to the account.

How to recover a permanently banned TikTok account.

In the event that the application has blocked the user's account by mistake, you must follow these steps:

At first the user must open his email and press the compose new message button

In the email field, write

In the subject line of the message, you must write the phrase Restore my account, which was suspended by mistake.

In the content of the e-mail, the following text must be attached:

Hello, you must include the user name that is registered in the profile and also the user name in English.

After that, it must be written that the user’s account has been disabled and it must be mentioned that the policy or condition of TikTok has not been violated and write that the account was suspended by the management of TikTok by mistake.

Therefore, the user hopes to recover the account and remove restrictions on it. 

This message must be sent

There is a team specialized in receiving complaint mails and they will reply back and inform the user of all the private information

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