Profit From Instagram 1000 Dollars in Two Days Through Instagram and Shopify

We will teach you how to profit from Instagram and Shopify more than 1000 dollars every two days and maybe daily if you can focus well on this detailed explanation of profit from the Internet for beginners without capital 2021 - 2022 profit from Instagram

Are you tired of looking to earn a lot of money without much effort?

Tired of spending money on sponsored ads but without interest? 

Of course, the answer to most of you is yes.

I advise you, dear ones, to read this entire article because it will benefit you in winning hundreds or even thousands of dollars in a short time.

Explain the most important steps for profit from Instagram and Shopify

You can now profit from instagram and profit from Shopify separately, or even you can profit from the Internet for beginners through Instagram and Shopify together.

Our topic today in this article is to teach you to earn thousands of dollars without losing a lot of money for ads, and in this way we will rely on celebrities on the Instagram platform, and in order to know the method more clearly, I will give you a realistic example.

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The example that I will talk about today is about earning more than $5000 per month through drop shipping, so follow me to the end.

What is special about this method is that you are not obligated to monitor your sponsored advertisement daily, all you need is 5 hours a week to search for a new product and marketer to promote your product on the instagram platform.

1- Create your own store

In this example, I used the Shopify platform to create my own store.

You can use the services of others such as CuoCommerce or other platforms.  But I recommend Shopify for easy setup.

All you need is 5 to 6 hours to set up your own store and add a product or a maximum of five for this example and preferably all products within one domain.

To set up your own store in Shopify, you will not find it difficult.

All you have to do is search on YouTube, you will find hundreds of clips explaining this to you.

2- Find a product to market

The process of selecting the product has a major role in gaining huge sales, and frankly, this step is what will determine who the method will succeed with or will not succeed.

Here are some tips for choosing the right (niche) for you.

If you have a group or a Facebook page, ask them what they need (search for the options and needs of your audience).

Searching for a product that makes their lives better, makes them happy, and solves their problems.

For example, an Ali Express store is full of products

And after you choose the right product on Ali Express, you can start doing drop 


3- Promote your product

There are many ways to promote your product, such as a sponsored advertisement in Google Ad words, Facebook or YouTube.

But in this article, I will explain to you how to sell your products, starting with celebrities on Instagram, Influencers

If you are looking for:

Ways to profit from the Internet

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How do I get money from the Internet?

So I tell you to stay away from these myths and follow with me in this example that will change your life for the better, God willing

Our example in this article

field (golf)

The product (Golf Cup) is $10.38, and free shipping means free via (ePacket), which is the fastest and best way to shop cheaply between China and America.

As you can see, the price of the product is $10.38 and the price you put on Shopify is $35.38.

But stop changing the name of the product in your store.

Before they buy from you, users search for its price on eBay and Amazon.

Otherwise, why do they buy from you at this price and find the same product at a cheap price, so put a new name for the product.

As you can see, the net profit from selling each product is approximately $25.00.

I'll show you how to convince influencers to display your ad

To avoid sponsored ads

Instagram influencer marketing

First, I will give you a simple example. If you see a friend of yours who bought new clothes and you liked them, you will definitely ask him from which store he bought them and you will go to the same store and buy them.

The same thing in the field of e-marketing, you will look for an influencer who has a large number of followers, and you have to convince him of your product to market it to you and present it to his followers, but persuasion is not very easy.

Some people pay the influencer to advertise his product on his page, which is an image of the product and add a link to buy the product, but experiences have proven that this method does not bring many buyers to your product.

I will give you an example.

If one of your friends displays a product on his phone, you will not be very satisfied with the product. But if you see him using it in front of you, you will definitely be more convinced.

So I advise everyone to send the product to the influencer who wants to display the product ad on his page and tell him to shoot a video using this product and display it on his own page and you will see the results with your own eyes.

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