Saving money from salary : 8 steps that helps you save half of your monthly payment

In this article we provide you how to save money from salary

And a list contains 8 steps to save the half of the monthly payment and a calculator that part the salary and the best program to split the payment and ways to save from it and split the salary 5000 and split it 3000 and ideas about saving money and modern saving methods and methods about keeping money 2021-2022

Many people wonder about the right way to save money from the salary as the large expenses that many people suffers from especially those with monthly payments

And this is because the lack of information that would let them save from the salary and benefit from it in the future. 

Best 8 ways to save money from your monthly salary

This article has been published to help with the situation so I will be sharing the best private ways to save money from salary

And all this advices must be put to use on the ground to benefit from them

Select the target

The process of setting the goal and answering the question of what the person will do with the money gathered will help him very much in the process of perseverance and continuing the saving process

Deciding priorities and putting a plan

At this stage basic and other expenses most be determined such as rent electricity study monthly expenses and others

After that all these expenses are collected and subtracted from the basic salary and the rest of the basic salary must be taken regularly and put in the saving section

Write the expenses

The process of writing expenses and focusing on the expenses that happens in the month by recording them this will help determine where the money is going and also the person’s awareness and knowledge of the fixed expenses that must be paid

And other special payments most be determined especially in entertainment marketing and other things can be identified and this will help reduce unnecessary spending in general

Eating food outside

Eating in restaurants outside the home or in home is the main reason for large expenses and eating fast food leads to spending a lot of money

So the person who likes to save if the person track the amounts that are placed on the fast food he will notice that its big and have no need

A week or tow only

Saving it makes you feel to disclose a certain amount for educational institutions. 

Rational shopping

Shopping that contains along period of shopping 

Save monthly bounces and stipends

These bonuses are save for a time later.

Making access to savings difficult

Savings should be placed in a hard to reach place and this is to avoid spending it and the saving can be placed in a personal bank account

In the end after collecting all the savings it is possible to start investing in a private project that will return the person with profits other than his own profits that he achieves

This helps in his private project to improve his general life

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