Terms of Profit From Facebook : Steps to Start Earning Money From Facebook

In this article, we offer you an explanation of the terms of profit from Facebook 2021 and an explanation of how to profit from Facebook, what is the price of Facebook views in Egypt, how to activate profit from Facebook in Egypt, and how to profit from Facebook 2020 How to profit from Facebook pages Facebook pages and how to benefit financially from  How much does Facebook earn from videos and how do you earn from Facebook 100 dollars a day 2022

There is no doubt that many users who know the world-famous Facebook application and many people want to make profits from this large platform, so the profit process in general contains conditions that Facebook imposed on people who want to make a profit, and this matter will be put forward in  This article.

The process of profit from Facebook has become available in recent pots, where many users can profit through videos that are published on Facebook in amounts ranging from $ 100 to $ 5000 and more.

This is according to the success rate of the video, which is published and interacted on the page.

Profit from Facebook was not available in Arab countries, but in the early 2021, profit on Facebook became available

But according to certain conditions that must be verified so that people can profit.

What are the conditions for profit from Facebook?

To start earning money from Facebook, the page must get 10,000 followers

The first condition, which is considered one of the most important prerequisites, is that the user's page must have 10 thousand followers

This will allow him to profit from Facebook.

Achieving 600,000 minutes of views in videos posted in the last 60 days

This number of views can be achieved by watching the videos that are published or through the live broadcast that the person makes.

But it should be achieved in just two months

This means that the process of calculating views begins in the two months in which a person decides to activate the possibility of profit, whether the page is old or new.

The process of achieving 60,000 views on the live broadcast

In the number of views determined by Facebook, it must include 60,000 minutes of views from live broadcasts that are held by the owner of the page.

Private videos must fully achieve 60,000 minutes, which means 600,000 minutes of views, including 60,000 minutes of live broadcast.

There is a prerequisite that advertising operations are prohibited

The use of advertising campaigns is prohibited on Facebook, so if a person uses advertising campaigns, they must be deactivated before starting to profit from Facebook.

Views must be on the page

The process of achieving views must be within the page, and this does not mean that if a person shares his video on several pages, the views will not be counted. Verify on other pages.

In other words, views must be directly within the private page, and for this matter, content that attracts followers must be created to achieve the conditions for profit.

The page contains at least five videos

These five videos should be active and achieve interaction such as shares, views, likes and all these things

Therefore, it is also possible to make profit through Facebook through short videos, and that the duration of the videos must exceed three minutes or more.

In these ways and conditions, after achieving them, all users can profit through Facebook and share profits with the platform.

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