Top 10 Rules of Successful Investment | Basics and Principles of Investing

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Many people and investors are looking for special rules to make a successful investment in the stock market and the money market.

In order to achieve the best results from the investment process and avoid losses that investors may be exposed to.

A question is asked what are the basic rules for investing in the stock market, and this matter will be answered in this article.

The 10 most important rules for successful investing to ensure profit and no loss

These are the basic rules for successful investing in the stock market, and by following them, the investor will avoid losses.


The rule of shares in the investment process is not to speculate, especially in investment decisions.

Speculation is the characteristic of investors who want to achieve very high profits, but as for the risks, they are great, and this is what exposes them to many losses in most cases.

Therefore, it is necessary to choose, study and analyze investment information before making an investment decision.

Verify that the information is correct

Care should be taken of all advice and information given to investors in general.

In most cases, it is false, such as hearing information from people who have no experience in the world of financial investment or hearing news of the rise in stock prices in a particular company.

This matter is not certain and its loss rate is large.

This type of forecast and information is called street forecast.

All this information directly harms the investor

Research well before making a purchase of papers

It is necessary to search for the distinguished financial institution, as well as to search for the profits that it achieved, the history of the financial institution, and to see its losses and whether the investment in it is profitable.

So you should take time in searches and not rush to avoid loss

Avoid buying at the lowest prices

The process of buying stocks at a low price and reselling them at a high price is a strategic way for many people, and this leads to them being easily distrusted.

Therefore, a certain limit or a special amount of the profit that the user wants to obtain must be set when reaching this amount and the price. The shares should not be kept, but rather sold at the highest price.

bear the loss

All investors should expect certain losses, so losses must be properly accepted.

This is well known in the investment market, as the profit process does not always occur, so you must learn from the mistake and sell the stock price if its price drops directly in order to avoid more losses.

Moderation in buying stocks

There should not be too much diversification in buying stocks and securities at the beginning so that the user can monitor and analyze his investment in an orderly manner.

Therefore, increasing investments may distract attention and reduce the possibility of obtaining profits.

Follow and think

The process of following up the shares of the purchased securities must be carried out in order for the investor to be sure that they are affected by the surrounding conditions.

Therefore, the stock must be monitored and the investment information analyzed.

tax analysis

This process is very important as it must be studied and analyzed to determine the time of sale.

In order to achieve the greatest amount of profits, the user must take advantage of the special cases of reducing the tax rate and buy many shares at a low price and sell them at a higher price.

The investor must also see the percentage of taxes that he will pay on the capital that he has invested in

Reserve capital

All users must make sure to keep money in reserve and not to risk all the securities they own, so as to cover the consequences of unforeseen events.

This money can be used when the price of certain shares rises, so the continuity buys them.

Avoid randomness

The investor should avoid entering into all the investments that appear in front of him and should focus on one goal.

Therefore, most successful investors focus on specific investments or industries and study carefully before starting the investment process

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