Top Websites To Earn Money Online 2022 : Best Secured and Honest Internet Earning

In this article "Top websites to earn money online" we present to you the 7 best sites for making money from the Internet for beginners for the year 2021, guaranteed, honest and reliable sites that enable their users to earn money for free without capital and without fatigue or effort to profit halal on the Internet 2022

If you are looking for sites that enable you to earn money for free and win real money and dollars in the easiest simple and easy ways and receive profits easily, know that you are in the right place exactly, as we will explain to you the best profitable sites at all in ways to profit from the Internet without capital.

The beginning of the year 2020 witnessed a great revolution in the prosperity of reliable sites, methods, applications and profitable programs that enable people to make money and work on the Internet from home by spending time on mobile or smart phones running the Android and IOS operating system, i.e. Android and iPhone.

This is what made us search for you for sites that enable you to actually earn money, cash and real money from the Internet.

What are the guaranteed sites to make money from the Internet for free?

  1. Earning from Pointclub
  2. Profit from Odesk Work
  3. Profit from DesignCrowd
  4. Profit from Adcombo
  5. Profit from Shareasale Company
  6. Profit from Gokano
  7. Profit from Bingo Zone
  8. Profit from Exodus3000 site

Explain Pointclub

It is a site of secured and honest sites that gives money to users in exchange for performing some simple and easy tasks, it is completely similar to the profitable PayPrizes site to earn money from new points and codes to collect points and get a code for free.

Among the most important profitable ways on this site are:

Earn by answering surveys, questionnaires and paid questions

Profit by evaluating applications and offers for companies and online stores

Earn free money by downloading applications, programs and games

Earn money automatically by watching short videos.

In addition to earning by inviting friends through your referral code

You must first register on the Pointclub website and you must open a new account at the beginning, in order for you to enter the profit control panel.

First, you will enter the registration link you will find at the bottom of the page, and then you will be directed to the registration page.

You will put the required data and information such as the e-mail, set the password, and retype the password again.

Of course, you will click on the skip captcha code button to prove that you are not a robot, and then you will click on register now.

It is worth noting that the site supports two methods of payment, namely paying via Paypal and withdrawing profits through gift cards of various kinds: win paid Google Play cards for free - win Amazon cards - win iTunes cards and others.

To register on Pointclub, enter here

Description of the Odesk Work

You will be able to get many daily, weekly and monthly jobs by working with the prestigious and leading odesk work site and company in the field of remote recruitment.

It is one of the honest, guaranteed and reliable sites to earn money and profit from the Internet for beginners without any effort.

Yes, working with this company requires effort, but it is the effort of time and focus only and not a physical effort at all.

You can work with the site through thousands of vacancies and renewable on a daily basis within the site in the projects section.

The site was established many years ago and has been operating for a long time, but it reached the height of its prosperity and fame at the beginning of 2020, and at the beginning of 2021 it is expected to compete with global recruitment sites such as profit from Upwork, Freelancer and Odesk.

Among the most important and most important jobs available on the site in countries all over the world are:

Website design

Designing images of all kinds "ordinary - animation - 3D images"

Banner design for companies, websites and stores

Receive advertising assignments on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Development of games and applications for Android and iPhone

Translation jobs in various languages ​​"as available"

The odesk work site supports two payment methods, namely, payment via PayPal, in addition to paying and withdrawing profits through the bank account. As for the minimum payment, it is only $100.

To sign up for odesk work, go here

Explanation of DesignCrowd

It is a site specialized in hiring and providing remote services for companies, shop owners, websites and capital

It is an American company with an official headquarters in the United States of America, specializing in hiring in the field of design of all kinds: designing images - designing logos - logo design - designing advertising images and posters - designing website interfaces - designing book interfaces - designing cards and cards of all categories and interests.

What distinguishes it from the rest of the other competing companies is the very large profit return for each image, as the minimum payment for each image is $100!

The profit for each photo is approximately $1,000

This difference, of course, is due to the extent of professionalism and experience required for each image or design, and also varies according to the company or entity that requests the implementation of this offer.

You design images, t-shirts, clothes, hats, graphics, advertising slogans and more from LOGO, graphic design, and attach those designs and upload them in your profile information.

This is so that your business can be seen by companies looking for employees

And then you search for available and vacant jobs, you study them well and know the requirements for each job, and you implement them, and so the profits will be sent to your account on the site.

And you can withdraw the profits once the minimum payment is reached, which is only $ 100, and the site supports only two methods of payment: payment via Paypal and via payoneer, and the profits will be sent to you after 24 hours of the withdrawal request.

To register on the DesignCrowd profit site, enter here

Explanation of Adcombo

The famous Adcombo site, which is considered one of the most famous profitable sites in this field, and this is the most credible site, as it has been working for many years, and thousands of people work with it around the world and earn money from this company automatically.

First, you must open a new account on the official Adcombo website, and we will put a link to register on the site at the end of the page.

You will open a "Publisher" account and then put the profile information to complete the registration process, and the required information is:

  • Put the full name
  • Email status "must be non-fake"
  • Set a new password
  • Retype password
  • Put your skype name

This is a prerequisite for accepting your registration on the site, and there is no problem with that, as you will download the Skype application and open a new account easily via e-mail, and the password must include at least one capital letter.

The first way to profit from the site is by relying on the services of the Rapidworkers site for free advertising and reaching millions around the world in a way, a loophole and our own strategy that we found that enables you to earn good money.

The second way to promote cpa offers is by relying on huge and colorful e-marketing mailing lists.

As we will put you at the bottom a large group of free mailing lists, all you have to do is download them and send group messages to those emails.

Your messages include information about your offers and links to implement them

This will make you win thousands of dollars easily through mailing lists

To register with Adcombo and open a new account, enter here

Shareasale Company

We will put in your hands this advertising company for marketers and companies that display their products on small and large websites.

It is the Shareasale company that offers a free book and free course direct video + pdf and ppt to learn marketing for beginners without capital and without paying money at all.

First, you should know that one of the most important conditions that must be adhered to before registering on the site is that you have your own website before submitting the application, and this is very easy, as we will explain to you how to create a new site on the Internet for free within minutes via approval  On Google's Blogger platform.

To access an explanation of how to make a new blog easily, read the following article:

How to create a professional blogger blog after 2021 update

After creating the blog, you can now apply and register on the shareasale website by entering the registration link below.

After that, you will be taken to the page of opening a new account on the site, and you will fill in the required data, which are:

Full name - Username - Password - Retype the password - Put your website or blog link - Full address, state, city and postal number for your area.

After that, you will be asked to put an email to complete the registration process, and you will click to agree to the terms and send the request.

Thus, you will receive a message to the e-mail in which you registered, the message includes a link to confirm the account that you click on.

Thus, the registration process will be completed, and your accession to the site will be approved within a period not exceeding three working days.

And after you receive a message to your e-mail telling you that your request has been approved, you will start profiting from marketing by searching for offers that suit your interests and are very profitable.

To know more details and information about how to work and profit from this company and how to withdraw profits, enter here

Gokano explanation

There are many countries, most of whose residents work on the Jokanoo website to win these attractive prizes, the most prominent of which are: England, France, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Netherlands, Australia, Austria, Greece, Armenia, Japan, China, India, Russia, Finland, Norway, UAE, Colombia, Argentina, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey, Germany, America and Switzerland  Canada and other countries of the world.

You must first register on the site, open a new account in it and log in, in order to start making instant profits online and win free financial prizes from this wonderful site, and you can also win prizes in Ramadan for Arab and all countries 2021-2022

You will enter the profit section of the affiliate or referral to profit from the referral link and invite friends, for each friend who registers through your link, you will earn money and be added to your balance directly, instantly and daily.

Prizes will be distributed according to the number of points and according to the time you spent on the site each day, and you will be contacted via the e-mail in which you registered to request the home address to send the prize and gift or mobile and the type of mobile that you won, and it will reach you home within a period between 24 hours to 5  days max.

To register on Gokano, enter here

Explanation of the Bingo Zone

The bingozone site is a website that has a wide range of games to play remotely with friends and chat with them, but the difference in bingo zone games is that you can earn money and money while playing at home, work or university, and one of the most famous of these games is the schedule.

You will enter the site and register on it and after opening your account you will enter the control panel and then go to the bingo zone app section to find the games that you can earn money from.

This site supports the PayPal payment method, but it is required that the Paypal account be activated in order to receive the returns of profits without problems.

To register on the bingo zone website, click here

Exodus3000 website explanation

This site is an exodus3000 online game that enables its users to bring in money and get cash by accumulating a special currency for the site called Mars Dollars 2020 coin.

This currency is accumulated by playing and skipping the stages of the game, and the more you play, the more money you earn and you can withdraw profits through PayPal or Bitcoin for free once you reach the minimum payment of only 10 dollars.

You can get $5000 of Mars dollars for free through this game and enter the daily, weekly and monthly draw and win money daily through the wonderful Mars game.

You can create military alliances to destroy enemies, where you will play with friends and real people playing at the same time and you can chat with them and coordinate to defeat other armies on Mars.

The game is a fictional story in which the Earth is destroyed by a strange accident and some inhabitants of the planet Mars remain fighting among themselves for control of the planet Mars and influence over it.

There are a lot of players from different Arab countries because the site enables you to translate the control panel into Arabic directly.

Among the most prominent countries in which you will find players are England, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, UAE, Netherlands, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Armenia, China, Japan, Russia, America and many other countries playing and making money.

Through this mythical and superhero game

To register on the Exodus3000 website, click here

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