Solve the Problem that My Account Has Been Disabled in WhatsApp Easily

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There are many people who are exposed to the problem of disabling their account without any warning due to known and unknown reasons

how to solve the problem of disabling the account in WhatsApp, whether the deactivation process was by mistake or because there is something specific

Reasons for disabling WhatsApp account ?

Therefore, there are many things that may cause the WhatsApp account to be disabled, and the most important and prominent reasons for disabling accounts in WhatsApp are:

User violation of the terms and laws of WhatsApp, such as disturbing others, sending unwanted messages, umbrella and immoral messages

Using third-party applications such as modified WhatsApp, such as WhatsApp Gold and other unofficial applications

Using the account to blackmail others

Suspicious activity on the account

With the account disabled in WhatsApp, all friends will be able to see the user's account and not realize that the account has been disabled

They can also continue to send messages to the account without any problems for a period of 30 days, in the event that the user did not review the account and reactivate it

The process of disabling the account is of two types:

Type 1: Temporary Account Disable

It is the type of timer, i.e. the disruption is a warning not to repeat the wrong thing the user is doing

The second type: disable the final account

Disable the account and it is difficult to recover it except by a very difficult method, which is to communicate with the WhatsApp support team

Solve the problem of temporary deactivation of the WhatsApp account

The user must open the WhatsApp application

You must log in to the account by phone number A message application will appear informing the user that the account has been disabled

In this message, the user will find a special button for the address of the support team that must be pressed

The user will be taken to a special page to describe the problem

The user must write a message to the support team that the account has been disabled and wants to activate it

Solve the problem of permanently disabling WhatsApp account

There are some accounts in WhatsApp that are permanently disabled and the user will not be able to access the appropriate support to recover the account

So the basic support process is by opening the user's email

You must press create a new message

And write the WhatsApp support email, which is

It must be written in From the message that must be sent to the team that the account has been disabled and please reactivate it A full description must be written in English and the phone number of the user on which the account has been activated must also be added

After a few days, the team will reply to this email and you must follow the steps that will be mentioned and it will be mentioned that the request has been rejected or accepted

This is the way to solve the problem of disabling WhatsApp account

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