Spending in USA : The Cost of Living and Studying and Living for Immigrants and Residents

In this article, we offer you an explanation of what is the monthly, daily, annual and weekly expense in USA , the cost of living, tourism and residence in America, an envoy, and life in America for immigrants, residents and refugees, is life in America beautiful, is education free in America 2021, and when does study begin in American schools, and how much does the cost of living in  USA per month, the cost of a study visa in America, details of a work visa in America, and how to apply for asylum, Expense in the United States of America 2022

America is considered one of the best countries economically, socially and also politically in all parts of the world

Where there are many people, students and people who go to America for many goals

This is because America enjoys highly advanced scientific and academic progress, quality of education, state interest in technology, a distinguished economic climate, and an incredibly broad labor market.

For students, there are many people who want to continue their studies in American universities

But what is often asked about is the expenses and costs of living, studying, tourism and immigration to the United States of America

Important information about the monthly expense in America (USA)

There are many people who want to travel to America for many goals, including studying, opening a business, finding a job, settling in, or also migrating to it, so this article will highlight this matter.

The monthly expense in America may be on average, ranging from $700 to $10,000 per month

How much are the tuition and university fees in America?

As for university fees in America, it can be $10,000 to $12,000 per academic year

As these expenses should include food, accommodation, tuition and special expenses, clothing, entertainment and transportation

For example, for housing, the prices of apartments in America vary according to the region and according to the situation of this apartment

As the thing that should be paid more attention to is housing because it is the most money spent on it

But on average, living in a separate apartment costs from 3600 to 7000 USD

Transportation and transportation costs and transportation within USA

America has a very distinctive transportation system, it can be benefited greatly from it, including large buses, subways and many other various means of transportation

As the annual transportation cost is from 300 to 700 US dollars

For food, the cost should be on average about $2,500

In more detail, accommodation and housing cost $200 per month

As for the electricity and bills costs, they are $20

Also, the food costs that must be purchased from the shops must cost 50 dollars

Internet costs are $15

Also, the communication costs are 50 dollars

Meals out should cost $75

As for the costs of luxury, it is an average of $100 per month

These prices that are offered are average prices, as the nature of the expenses depends mainly on the lives of people and habits play a major role in determining the expenses

Therefore, these things and expenses in general should be viewed by people who search and ask the question of monthly expenses in America

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