A Competition and Free Prize Money of 25,000 Euros Via the Mostra de València for short films

In this article, we explain to you how to participate in the largest free financial competition to win financial prizes, a prize of 25,000 euros and valuable gifts through the Mostra de València Festival for the short film industry to win 25 thousand euros |  Contests and prizes for instant win 2021 – 2022

Film Freeway presented a competition in the field of filmmaking

The main goal of the competition is to introduce the whole world to the art of filmmaking in the Mediterranean countries and to introduce their distinctive culture.

At the festival, films are shown during the competition and the winners are announced during the festival mostra de València Online competitions for free

Which is scheduled to be shown and held on October 12, 2021 and in the same world next 2022 in the city of València, which offers competitions to win money for free

What are the financial prizes offered by the festival

The Golden Prize, which is a monetary prize of 25,000 Euros

The silver award, which is a monetary sum of 15,000 euros

€10,000 prize for best director

5000 Euro Award for Best Actor

4000 Euro Award for Best Actress

€3,000 award for best vocal performance

2000 Euro Prize for Best Cinematography

1000 Euro Prize for Best Screenplay in Dialogue

What are the criteria and conditions to apply for the free financial competition

Films submitted and entered into the competition must be in DCP or 35mm format, which is a prerequisite.

Films without the necessary technical format elements will be rejected.

Participating film directors must send documents prior to participation, which is an original copy of the film that will remain in the festival until the final screening of the film

Plus another version that includes a STR translation into English

Also, a copy of the script text that includes the film’s dialogues in the original language and English

Available nationalities:

You can participate in the competition in all countries, including Turkey, America, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, China, Japan, Brazil, Mexico and all foreign countries, especially japan and the and all European countries for expatriates, citizens and residents, England, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Australia, Armenia, Romania, Croatia, Poland, China and India and Sweden, Norway, Russia, Korea, Indonesia, UAE, Spain, Iran, Canada and refugees also

Age from 13 to 50

Gender: Available for both sexes

For more information and to register for the €25,000 prize competition, enter here

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