Arabization of a WordPress Template with the Click of a Button, Converting it to the Right (RTL)

In this article, we offer you an explanation of how to localize a WordPress site and RTL templates with the click of a button, convert the WordPress template to the right, how to add the Arabic language WordPress and free templates, get a free WordPress coupon template, how to localize the php script, add the languages ​​of the site, and localize the entire site easily without experience in programming languages From the phone or from the computer 2021

Many Arab users are surprised when they install foreign templates that the writing in the template takes the left side, because the template is designed for the English language and does not support the Arabic language first, it includes the rtl.css file

This happens to many as the user buys a foreign template he likes or downloads it for free because of the features and characteristics that it contains and supports, which suit the various user requirements, especially for the WordPress series and movies template

After performing the installation process, the user appears that it does not fit the Arabic texts, so he must write from right to left

This is in contrast to what this foreign template allows, and this matter distorts the shape of the Arabic text, so many are looking for a solution

In this example, we will show how to localize WordPress templates in an easy and guaranteed way

At first and to start the localization process of the template, you must make sure that the rtl.css file exists or not

In the event that this file exists, the modification process is easy and is within the template itself

In the event that it is not present, the following steps must be followed

In the side menu of the site control panel, you must choose one of the themes, and then click on the template editor

After the template's editing page appears, you must choose from the side menu style .css, you must click on it to open it

The word left above should be changed to right. It may appear in multiple forms, but all left words must be changed to right

After doing this step, you must go to the bottom of the page and press the "Update File" button

Now on the site, the user will notice that the writing has taken its correct place, which is from right to left

How to translate words and phrases from WordPress templates into Arabic

Sometimes when browsing the templates for sites, the owner will notice that some buttons and static sentences are not translated into Arabic, and this is possible through the application of

Poedit app to localize RTL WordPress themes

The application is a free application that can translate all WordPress templates and plugins into all the languages ​​that the user may want and is available on all Mac and Windows devices. It can be downloaded via the link listed here

The user will need this application and the template file of his choice on his computer

The way to localize the templates via the poedit app

At first, you must open the application and press the create new translation button

A special menu will appear for the user to choose the language to translate to

The name of the template will appear with the append En in English

You must specify the name of the template and press the open button, in other words, choose a file for translation and add to the application

In the next step, you must choose the desired language, which is Arabic

It is preferable to choose Arabic only without the presence of any country name next to it

All sentences that are on the site will appear.

You must select and write the translation of the sentence in the translate section.

In this way, all sentences are translated

After completing this process, the file must be saved with the name are.po, and the site will automatically generate a file

In the end, you must copy these localized files and add them to the path in the template, which is Public_html/WP-content/ your theme name /lang

The meaning of your theme name is the name of the theme that the user chooses

In this case, the template language can be converted to Arabic in the settings with ease, the same way the plugins are used and the same steps

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