What is Backlinks and How to Make and Build Powerful Backlinks for Free for Your Website and YouTube

In this article, we present to you an explanation of what backlinks are, what they mean, their usefulness on websites, how a strong backlink works for free, and how to build a backlink on your site correctly for your YouTube video site without the 2021 program 2022 , youtube backlinks generator

What is Backlinks?

The number of free visits to websites is closely related to the quality of the backlinks on your website, as the more reliable websites link to your site.

This will lead to more real visits and better rankings, and this is one of the most important things and things through which the site is publicized, raised its rank, and lowers the site’s ranking in Alexa, and of course you want that if you really aspire to have your site at the top

Whereas, when Google and other crawls and searches for backlinks to your website to achieve the condition of a close link to your site, the trust of its content and the confidence of satisfied visitors to the site itself

In addition to external pages and sites that link to your site as well, so after we understand what backlinks are, you can say in particular that they are one of the most important steps that improve your site’s relationship and friendship with search engines that will not hesitate to display it within the first main pages while searching for a topic on your site

Backlink means mentioning the website link in other forums and websites

In fact, backlinks positively affect sites and provide a lot of SEO benefits and lower site rankings in Alexa, and this is what makes articles and blogs top search engines.

Because search spiders monitor all sites in the web, and monitor the links that are mentioned in the sites

Index spiders send detailed data and daily reports to archiving algorithms

By detecting the presence of a backlink for a site, the search algorithms pay attention to the sites that have been placed backlinks in different sites

The more backlinks for a site, the more interest in this site and the greater the percentage of improving this site in SEO.

It also helps to improve the archiving order for the topics of the site that made a backlink

In order to simplify matters more, we will compare the process of ranking your site by search engines as an election session.

The search engines are the committee and you will be the participant (the candidate) and the backlinks will be the audience that will vote either for you or against you.

A vote for you will raise your ranking and fame, and therefore you will be on the first search pages and you will get tens of thousands of visits per day.

If the opposite happens, someone better than you in this field will take your place, and you will continue to go down in the top pages, which will make you lose visits.

Why is backlinks important?

By obtaining backlinks, even if the backlink is No-Follow, it will help you to attract visitors from many sites, and this is if you provide good content on the Internet.

It is necessary to use backlink nofollow. For example, when building your site with many backlinks, dofollow alone, this may cause you problems with Google, because it may consider these links as a fraud in order to raise the level of search engines.

Backlink Nofollow type is calculated when evaluating authority PA and domain DA, and thus we conclude that this type of backlink helps to increase authority on the site you own

Suppose a site from which you obtain backlink nofollow is penalized, this will not harm you in anything

Types of backlinks

1. Internal backlinks

The internal backlinks depend on you copying the links of your articles and placing them within other articles on your own site and in the appropriate place, and this is called free traffic. As for Google, it loves these links that move the visitor from one article to another within the site itself.

2. External backlinks

External backlinks are the links on your site that divert visitors from different sites to your site and are divided into two types:

First: do-follow links

Dofollow links mean an external link for your site, it is a dofollow link automatically, as this type is considered one of the best types of backlinks, this type is very good, especially when a site has a high and strong credibility

Second: the no-follow links

Backlink Nofollow or the so-called nofollow links are an external link for a site on another site and therefore it is a tag that tells “search spiders” that they do not follow the link of this link

How to get 1200 strong backlinks for free

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We have customized an explanation of how to build a backlink on your site correctly. To enter the explanation, read the following article:

How to get 1200 strong and high quality dofollow backlinks for free

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