Profit from Brave Browser : Make Money Surfing the internet

In this blog, we present to you an explanation of how to profit from the Brave Browser, the publisher program for blogs and YouTube channels, and profit from browsing the Internet and sites for beginners 2021 to earn money for free without capital, the most important features of the Brave Arabic browser, detailed information about it, a link to download the browser from the official website, an explanation of the brave application and how to win Money from the browser 2022

What distinguishes this browser is the combination of ways to earn money from the Internet, such as blogging, profit from commission marketing, profit from CPA offers, creating a YouTube channel, and increasing followers on social networks, so after the best ways to earn money from the Internet

Before I start explaining the brave puplishers program, I will remind you of a recent technology related to profit from the brave browser, it is the Blockchain

What is the blockchain technology to take advantage of Brave Browser to make money from the Internet

It is a technology related to digital currencies such as Bitcoin that appeared in 2014

It encrypts transactions, eliminates the middleman and provides a great deal of privacy

What distinguishes this browser from other browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome are these two features:

Feature 1 : Data privacy

This browser is very popular by people who care about the privacy of their data and are afraid of being tracked and hacked.

Feature 2 : Publishers Program to Earn Money

It is the so-called publishers program through which any blogger can join and earn the official currency of this browser called BAT, which you can then obtain and sell for any currency you choose

It is one of the easiest ways to earn money for free without effort and very quickly without getting tired, and it is similar to what is known to profit from the Internet automatically and profit very quickly, and it is one of the most important ways to profit from the Internet

Who developed the brave browser?

Who developed Brave Browser is Brandon Eich to increase security in mozila and protect privacy even more

Is Brave Browser Free to Use?

This browser does not ask you for any payments or fees for its services, but rather encourages people to surf the Internet through it for free and gives them prizes through its own currency

watching and interacting with brave ads that enable you to earn money from the Internet in easy and simple ways suitable for beginners to make real money and dollars without effort, fatigue, any experience or any little effort

What are the features of Brave Browser?

1- Ease of use

You will not find any difficulty in using it, as it is very similar to the Google Chrome browser, so it is easy to use and completely uncomplicated

2- Security and privacy protection

This is through a strategy that relies on not tracking search and browsing results

3- Browsing speed

In short, after my experience and the experience of users of this browser, we found that it is 3 to 5 times faster compared to other browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome.

3- Easy to import data

There is a special menu inside the browser that contains all your saved profiles and data

You can restore it if you change your browser when using the so-called bookmark import

4- Block ads

This browser gives a great and useful experience when roaming the Internet, as it blocks and blocks annoying ads permanently

6. Support websites and channels

Like we talked about before, there are special rewards within the browser called brave rewards that enable you to earn BAT currency for this program

Where you can then donate to support certain sites you enjoy or if you want to take advantage of them and withdraw them to your own wallet and then sell them in exchange for other currencies

If you are the owner of a YouTube channel or a blog, you can earn a lot of money through the easiest ways that enable you to earn more than 50 dollars a day from the Internet by joining one of the best programs for profit from the Internet from the Android smartphone or iPhone or through the computer through offers CPA and Affiliate Marketing

You can earn the equivalent of $7 for each download of this browser, provided you use it for at least 3 days

The amount of the commission varies from one country to another, and there are 5 groups

The first group includes America, and here you can earn a commission of up to $ 7 for each download

The second group includes countries such as Australia, France, Japan, Canada, Germany and Ireland and here you can earn a commission of $ 6.50 for each download currency

The third group includes countries such as Belgium, Austria and Italy, a commission of $ 5

The fourth group includes countries such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Brazil, a commission of 2 dollars

Fifth group commission 1 dollar

Download Brave Browser for PC 64 bit from here

Link to download Brave Browser for 32-bit PC from here

To download the Brave browser for all versions, Mac Intel, Mac ARM64 and Linux from the official website, enter here

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