Expense in China | The Pros and Cons of Living and Working and Studying for Europeans and Foreigners

In this article, we offer you an explanation of the monthly expenses in China, the negatives of living in China, the details of working in China, life in China for Europeans, the costs of studying at the China University for Italians and all Europeans, the costs of studying medicine in China, what is the lifestyle in China 2020, and studying engineering in China, Monthly expense in China  2021 – 2022

There are many people who want to travel to other countries such as China, Japan or Thailand and start living in them, but with different reasons why people travel

Either for the reason of study, living, tourism, or for the purpose of treatment or many other goals, the most frequently asked questions are the special monthly expenses that must be paid in this area.

Therefore, there are many people who ask about monthly expenses in China, and this matter will be answered in this article

What is the importance of China for tourism, travel, living and study

China is one of the largest countries in the world, with a very large population, which exceeds 1.04 billion citizens. China also enjoys one of the oldest civilizations in the world, which still exists in our time.

Where the visitor, students and tourists can watch and experience this ancient culture China has many diverse sites, landscapes, cities and towns

In the same context, China is considered a place for one of the most famous seven wonders of the world, which is the Great Wall of China, where people traveling for students or businessmen can visit and enjoy it.

It is worth noting that China has the latest special system in the economy that is growing in the world, and there are many students, companies and people heading to the country to participate in this matter.

The Chinese economy is based mainly on its main currency, which is the Chinese yuan currency, which is the country’s own currency and its value is equal to 6.6 US dollars.

That China enjoys in different environments such as countryside, suburbs and cities, and there are also many developed cities that are not centers of the state and local centers

Also, there are many industries and central locations that are suitable for students if the goal is to study from scratch

As for the cost, the cost of living, even in huge cities in China such as Beijing and Shanghai, is reasonable and reasonable, as the country is redoubling its efforts to attract tourists and international students to it.

It offers many scholarships and financial aid to international students

For living adaptations if someone wants to study in China, the cost ranges from 4,500 US dollars to 11 thousand US dollars for the program in English, and this only depends on the educational institution if it is private or government

As for the total cost of living in China, whether the person is a student or a person going to visit

The special location in which you live greatly affects the cost, as Beijing is the most expensive city in China

As the monthly cost in it may reach 800 US dollars, and this is for housing, meals, entertainment, and more

As for the city of Shanghai, the cost is 750 US dollars per month

In small cities, the cost ranges from 440 to 550 US dollars per month

Compared to the rest of the prices, the cost in these cities is low and reasonable compared to the experience and the high quality and advanced that it offers

For people who want to go to China, they should study the costs completely and see the full information

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