Financial Competition in Canada of 20 Thousand Dollars for the Film Industry at the Shiver Film Festival

In this post, we offer you an explanation of how to participate in the most powerful free financial competition of $ 20 thousand, especially for the film industry at the Shiver Film Festival in Canada, to win valuable prizes and wonderful and precious gifts online 2021-2022

Film Freeway invites people with a passion for making short films

With the aim of attending the events of the Shiver Film Festival, where the festival honors the best short films, and this special part of an annual celebration honors short films and independent short films that were presented from all over the world

What are the benefits and benefits accruing to the applicant in the financial competition?

One of the following prizes will be won if the film submitted by the participant is selected and won:

best drama

best comedy

best work

best horror

Best Animated Movie

best fantasy

Best science fiction

Best weird movie

Best Thriller Movie

Best music video

best foreign language

Best male performance

best director

Women's best performance

Best Student Film

The winners of the grand prize will also receive the Frozen Maple Leaf Award for the short film of the year

What are the criteria and conditions for applying for the financial competition?

There are some simple rules that the institution put forward:

Advance is open to all short and mini films

The applicant's film must be uploaded to Film Freeway or submitted online and must be password-protected in order for it to be considered a film listed under the applicant's name in the festival.

Film presenters and filmmakers generally agree to the terms of the site and the international festival

Fees paid are non-refundable

Nationality: There is no specific nationality

Age: No specific age is required

Gender: Available for both sexes (men and women)

Opportunity location: Canada

To apply and for more information about this financial competition and to register for it, enter here

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