A Financial Competition to Win $5000 and Win Prizes and Gifts Online Provided by Photocrowd

In this article, we offer you the way to participate in the most powerful free financial competition to win money, gifts and prizes online with a value of $ 5000 presented by the Creative Photography Foundation Photocrowd under the title Creative Images of Still Nature, the best and easiest online competition 2021 - 2022

Photocrowd has opened the doors to invite all those interested in the field of photography to compete through the competition that it presented under the title Creative Images of Still Nature

As the still life shot is ideally a field for creativity, because the photographer controls all the elements and directs them as required

This does not cause the photographer any worries about the vagaries of the weather or the condition of the photo and will not take any time to research and plan how to take the photo at the perfect time for it

It also chose silent nature images because it allows the photographer to control lighting and certain combinations in order to obtain the effect he wants in the form

All that the organization asks is to unleash the potential of users and try to give the best possible image

How does the free financial contest work?

The site will make the photos submitted by the participating photographers available to an audience for the process of evaluating them during the period of time for that competition, as each individual will be able to fully review the photos that were sent to the competition.

But it needs to be evaluated in order to know how it is classified during the evaluation period

There are some competitions that are sponsored by the Photocrowd Foundation also depend on the evaluation of the judges and not only the audience, by selecting the judges the best picture from their point of view after the completion of the participation process and providing some comments about the pictures and announcing the results of the public and judges voting on the same day

What are the prizes and gifts offered to the participants in the financial competition?

The premium site competitions will be judged by some of the world's professional photographers, who will choose the best photos from their point of view.

The reason for choosing and evaluating this image is also explained, and this allows applicants to benefit from the experience and development in photography, ordinary and artistic, and it is one of the best competitions for immediate, daily, weekly, monthly and annual profit because it grants up to more than 5000 dollars for each contestant who reaches the first ranks

The competition also includes ranking points, if the contestant seeks to reach a high position on the leader board. These points help the advanced in that

The required European and foreign nationalities: England, Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Comoros, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Iceland, Greece, Australia, USA, UAE, Turkey, Canada and Denmark, Refugees, residents, citizens and expatriates are accepted for these countries.

Gender: both sexes (men and women)

Documents required to participate in the financial competition: A sample of the contestant's work, in addition to a mini-model of the practical CV

Opportunity location: It is online

For more information and details and to apply for the competition, enter here

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