Monthly Expense in Finland | How Much Study Costs and Living and Tourism Cost

In this article, we offer you an explanation of the monthly expense in Finland and what are the disadvantages, pros and cons of living and living in Finland, details about the office of work in Finland and studying in Finland, how much are the salaries for refugees in Finland, what are the conditions for residence in Finland, and how much are the costs of study, living and tourism in Finland, Monthly expense  in Finland 2021 – 2022

There are many people looking for a special monthly allowance in Finland

As there are many people heading to Finland with the aim of studying, settling in it, opening businesses, immigration, tourism or medical treatment.

There are many goals that make Finland attract many segments of society

How much is the monthly expense to live in Finland

The most frequently asked questions regarding this matter is the monthly expenditure in Finland, which will be answered in this article

Finland is very suitable for living and also people who take Finland for immigration or for any other purpose should be aware of the conditions prevailing in this country

As Finland has a very special education system that is recognized all over the world

There are also many things that the state provides to immigrants and also students to study and invest in

It is possible to rent a house for small and very reasonable amounts

And also for the transportation system that the country enjoys, it is considered in an ideal condition, as there are many high-quality buses, trains and planes at the service of citizens, as well as the roads that the country enjoys fully equipped and of high quality.

There are many people who may go to Finland on their own or they go to Finland with their family

In this case, the costs differ, as Finland is offering the possibility and the right to enroll all children in the state kindergarten

In addition, there are many private centers whose costs are somewhat high

University study costs in Finland

For universities, study costs or university applied colleges, they are of high quality.

Also, no costs are imposed on students to study in Finland, except for graduate studies, which is a master’s

According to studies, families spend 22% of their income on housing only

Labor costs, wages and salaries in Finland

As for the costs of work, wages and salaries in Finland, the wages that are given, taxes and the cost of living in Finland are slightly higher than the European Union, but they are very distinctive and cheaper than other countries for residents

For people who went to Finland to study in general, the study is free of charge

If the person is from outside the European Union and wants to study in English, does she have to pay some tuition costs?

Whereas, the costs for older children are 300 euros, and for younger children, their costs are lower

As for health costs, a visit to a doctor is about 20 euros in medical centers, in clinics it is 10 euros, and in a hospital it is 50 euros

As the total cost of this matter is 700 euros annually and also for the advantages, and there are many clinics that provide health care for mothers and children for free, where you only have to pay for medicines, which are small amounts

As for food costs, they are 20% higher than the rest of the countries, and for goods and services they are 23% higher than the average prices in the European Union.

The average income per person is 1,320 euros per month

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