Free Scholarship in UK With a Salary of 15,000 Pounds Fully Funded by the University of Bournemouth

In this article, we explain to you how to register for the best free scholarship in UK for a PhD in Archeology fully funded by the University of Bournemouth in the United Kingdom, with a salary of 15,000 pounds for Germans, French, Italians, Australians, Americans and all nationalities 2021 - 2022

There are many students from all over the world looking for scholarships that can be applied to and that provide a way for them to complete private study

Scholarships offered by many universities and institutions from around the world and from all countries are sought and their primary goal is to provide the best experience for students

It also provides them with the opportunity to complete their own study, so in this article we will offer fully funded PhD scholarships in the field of archeology offered by the University of Bournemouth in the United Kingdom

Detailed information about the free scholarship in UK

The University of Bournemouth awarded a PhD scholarship in the UK which was titled Telling Different Stories: An Innovative Approach to Publishing, Interpreting and Preserving Linear Infrastructure Projects

This scholarship is a collaboration between the Museum of Archeology in London and the University of Bournemouth that focuses on the relationship between commercial archaeological practice and the range of theoretical developments that are incorporated under the broad banner of Neo-Materialism.

As this project is its primary objective and seeks to benefit from all recent developments in archaeological theory and digital humanities

In order to engage in a more creative way and shape their ambitions with the large amounts of archaeological data generated by linear infrastructure projects, as well as the most ambitious business issues currently

What are the benefits of applying for a free scholarship in UK

The scholarship will include a stipend of £15,609

This amount will be provided every year to cover the cost of living, as the funding will last up to 45 months full-time or also part-time, but this period must be covered

What are the criteria for applying for a UK scholarship

The scholarship is for international students and also for students from the UK

The applicant must be academically distinguished and also wish to complete a PhD in four years

The academic potential must be outstanding, which is usually measured by a first class honors degree or an equivalent GPA or a master’s degree with excellent grades or any equivalent certificate

IELTS score This is an academic degree, its GPA must not be less than 6.50 for people who have applied and English is not their first language, and proof must be provided when submitting the application

The university will look at all the skills, qualities and backgrounds of the applicants

They can also submit the research project to ensure its successful completion

Students who are currently studying for a PhD at Boston University cannot apply for scholarships

For current master’s students, progress is limited to satisfactory completion of the research degree, prior to receiving the award

The applicant must have experience developing machine learning systems or be familiar with the latest models of natural language processing

Nationality: It does not buy a specific nationality and therefore applicants are accepted from Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Belgium, Portugal, New Zealand, Norway, Armenia, Romania, Turkey, China, Canada, America, Finland and all countries of the world

Age: No specific age is required

Gender: Available for both sexes (for both men and women)

Venue: In the United Kingdom (UK)

Documents required to register for a scholarship in Britain

The student wishing to register for the scholarship is required to prepare a true copy of the applicant’s academic record

The applicant’s university certificate is required to be sent

A research proposal, a language certificate and some other papers are required to be attached to the application

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