Free Scholarships in Germany with a Monthly Stipend of 860 Euros Provided by Abbe College

In this article, we explain to you how to get free study grants in Germany for masters for international students with a monthly stipend of 860 euros provided by the German Abbe College funded for the year 2021-2022

Students who have completed the private study phase at the university are looking for scholarships to help them complete their study journey

As there are many scholarships that are permanently offered by universities and institutions in all countries around the world

The goal of these special scholarships for outstanding students is to help them complete their academic career and provide them with the opportunity to achieve outstanding results in the world

Therefore, there are many opportunities that are offered by European countries in particular and are sought by students all over the world because the student may go through an economic situation that does not allow him to save money for his own studies

The scholarships are primarily designed to provide these opportunities

In this article, we will offer funded scholarships for international students offered by Abbe College in Germany for a master's degree

Information about the free scholarship for masters students

Abbe College has offered a special scholarship to international students who excel in their academic record, and this is to allow them to study in Germany and obtain a master's degree from the Abbe Basic Scholarship

The scholarship covers living costs and also lasts for two years

What are the benefits and benefits provided by the German Abbe College Scholarship

The person who was accepted into the scholarship will be offered a monthly salary of up to 860 euros, as well as a special German language course

What are the criteria for applying for the free scholarship in Germany

The process is generally available to all international students, as a student who wishes to apply must be interested in obtaining a master’s degree in Germany

The applicant must have already obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Europe

What documents are required to apply for a German scholarship

A scholarship application form must be submitted

2 Recommendation Statements must be submitted signed by the recommended persons

Required Nationality: No nationality has been specified and therefore applicants are accepted from England, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Australia, Poland, Belgium, Croatia, Ireland, Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Russia, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Argentina, Turkey, Brazil, Canada, America, Finland and all countries of the world

Age: 7 to 60

Gender: unisex (for both men and women)

Opportunity location: Germany

More details for Abbe German College

It provides many educational programs specialized in many disciplines, in the field of optical and optical technology, as the topics revolve around the current scientific aspects.

It specializes in the field of engineering, as well as having practical applications on various products in economic sectors such as medicine, health, information and communication, industry and energy consumption.

Whereas, registered students are trained to take up special positions in technical industries or in the field of scientific research in high academic circles

This scholarship is considered one of the distinctive scholarships that are available to students from all over the world, as it provides many advantages to the accepted registrants, so it is recommended to register for it and take advantage of the opportunity

For more information and to apply for the scholarship, enter here

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