240 Free Scholarships in Singapore with a Monthly Stipend to Study Medicine and Bachelors

In this article, we present to you the way to obtain free scholarships in Singapore , The state of Singapore has offered 240 scholarships for postgraduate studies, bachelor’s degrees, aviation studies and to study medicine with a monthly stipend fully funded by the Singaporean government in the year 2021-2022

The State of Singapore has announced an opportunity to obtain a scholarship for postgraduate studies in the year 2021-2022.

These scholarships included 240 free study scholarships in Singapore, provided free of charge to various specializations for students from all countries of the world.

This includes covering all expenses incurred by the student during the four years of study.

And also to provide a monthly stipend for each person who receives the free scholarship.

Provide accommodation allowance

The scholarship covers travel costs

What are the requirements for an applicant for the scholarship in Singapore

The applicant must have obtained a bachelor's and master's degree with high academic results.

Master the English language by writing and speaking it

The state has not set any specific age for applying, and a monthly stipend is provided throughout the period of study in universities.

This scholarship is provided by the Government of Singapore, also known as the SINGA program.

Ranked as one of the most important study programs around the world that allow collaboration between agencies for science, technology and research in Singapore.

Also collaborating with the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University, as well as collaborating with the Singapore University of Design and Technology.

The SINGA program is mainly based on the development of scientific research and the methods of conducting it.

However, passion and determination are required for scholarship applicants

The research areas presented are divided into two categories: physical sciences and engineering and biomedical sciences.

This is done under the supervision of the best academics in universities and research centers located in Singapore

For more information about the scholarship and to register and apply for it, enter here

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