Explain Gcash Bank : How to Create a New Account and Register in G Cash Bank

In this article, we provide you with an explanation of Gcash Bank and how to create a new account, register and log in with GCash Bank, in addition to the links to download the Gcash APK application for Android and download the Gcash egypt ios program for iPhone and iPad for free with a detailed how to withdraw, receive and send money from this easy bank in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, England, Finland, India, Argentina, Australia, Norway, Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Romania, Italy, Philippines, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Singapore, Canada, America, China and all countries of the world, buying products and paying online 2021 - 2022

Many people are looking for electronic banks that enable them to make special payments that many users need to deal with transactions that exist via the Internet.

Therefore, in this article, we will present one of the best electronic banks that can be easily created through an application on the mobile phone

What is Gcash Bank : Detailed and Important Information

Gcash Bank is an electronic application that enables users to charge money through it, pay bills and also perform all financial transactions that users need.

Where users can raise the upper limit of the funds that can be placed in the account, according to the authentication that is done on the account

If the documentation is through a bank account or it was a private account for business, and this matter raises the upper limit for the account

How to Create an Account on Gcash Bank App

After downloading the application, the main interface of the application will appear, which must be created through the special number on the phone, and then press the Next button.

Gcash Bank will send a special code to verify the account

In the next step, you must enter the user's information such as the name, e-mail, full name and private address of the user

After the user has entered all the information correctly, the site will ask the user to upload a copy of his personal identity or passport in order to confirm his identity

After that, enter the secret code for the account, and the private account in the user will be ready for use

Entering the main interface, all the things related to the bank and the application will appear, and the special total balance used will appear at the top of the screen

In the user's side panel, there is his personal page, and the account name, number and personal picture will appear, his account classification will appear, as there is a starter account and a special account whose rating rises with the confirmation process

In the first level of the account, it is possible to charge money and also receive money and pay bills with ease, and many financial transactions can be made for an amount of 50 thousand pesos per month

How to deposit money into your account in Gcash Bank

The user has to press the cash in . button

The application will show all the ways that the user can enter his money into the account, which is through Paypal or Visa Cards and many other ways

Where to go to the places for charging the account in G cash bank

It is also possible for people to transfer money if the user lives in the Philippines and has a bank account

All banks that deal with this application are constantly mentioned within the application and funds can be transferred directly to the account used

Remittances can also be received via PayPal and western union, and remittances can be received directly to the application

For the special steps to confirm the account, the user must click on “Confirm Account”

After that, the private account must be authenticated, which is the steps of taking a special photo of the user's personal identity, or it can also be done through the user's passport

The next step is to take a selfie of the user's face

In the last step, you must enter some private data and the account will be ready

Payment can be made through the application in many places, including food stores, clothing stores, international brands, and many stores that can scan the QR code.

Users can also send money between themselves through the application, if a person has an account on this banking application, he can enter the number of the other person and send money money to the other person with ease

People can pay their own bills, such as water, electricity, internet, transportation, insurance, private government payments, schools, and many bills incurred by the user.

Link to register on the official website of Gcash Bank from here

Link to download Gcash apk for Android from here

To download Gcash ios for iPhone and iPad from here

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