Best Horror Games for Adults Only for Android With Direct Links From Mediafire

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There are many games that are released on Android phones, some of which are in multiple categories such as action games, adventure games, intelligence games and also horror games

As it is dedicated to games of horror, excitement and suspense on mobile, whose main goal is to terrify the user and put him in an atmosphere of terror that creates this feeling that users who are looking for horror games love.

4 best horror games for adults only for Android smartphones In this article, we will present a list of the best free horror games on Android phones and the best in terms of experience

It will test the courage of the user, and it can also be shared with many people and play with friends online and offline.

Therefore, to fully enjoy the game, you must use the game headphones when playing so that the user can live the experience fully

Into the Dead 2 Game

This game is intended for people who love horror games, especially zombie games, as it is a game of invasion by zombies through the powerful epic game and wars with zombies.

The user must save his life and run fast to avoid the zombies and fight with the weapons in the game 

As there are many areas in the game such as dark night fields in which the user will face many zombies, so you must fight with the available weapons

The goal of the game is to survive and run as long as possible 

Game download link here

Eyes The Horror Game 

Eyes - the horror game is one of the best horror games and haunted house games as the idea of ​​the game revolves around a bloodthirsty character named Charlie

The game contains very distinctive sound and visual effects that transport users to another world of virtual horror

As the person and user will be in a house haunted by evil spirits they will appear and move things in the house

The goal of the game is to collect points in the house and search for them

The eyes the horror game mod

apk download link from here

Horror Hospital ® 2 | Survival Horror Game

This game is very special and also full of terrifying spirits, where the idea of ​​the game is basically that the main character played by the user is detained in a mental hospital

The main task is to escape from this group and search for exits, keys and other things that will help him in the escape process 

There are so many stages to go through one by one and it's so much fun 

Horror hospital 2 game online download link from here

Slender Man Game

This game closely simulates the desired character Slender Man, as the idea of ​​the game is mainly about the existence of a deserted area filled with ghosts and scary creatures and devoid of inhabitants

Where the user must collect evidence that people left and use it to restore this area from zombies and horrific and deadly monsters

But you must escape from all the terrifying characters and creatures that will suddenly appear in front of the user and terrify him and try to kill him 

These were the best games that a person can view and also download and try with ease

Slender man game apk download link from here

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