How to Add a Mobile Number on Instagram Easily 2022

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The Instagram application is one of the most popular applications around the world, not only for applications, social networking sites, but applications in general

As the number of downloads from the official app stores for Android phones and iPhones has achieved millions of downloads, it is worth noting that this application has a very large fan base.

The application provides many features to the users which made it attract millions of users from all over the world

The Instagram application has a very distinctive idea, and also the amount of entertainment and benefit that the application offers has made it one of the applications that are used on a daily basis by many people.

Therefore, with the increase in the private number of users, many questions are being asked about this application, and one of these questions is how to add a mobile number in Instagram, and this matter will be answered in this article

How to add a phone number in an Instagram account step by step

As for the way to add the mobile number to the Instagram account, it is by doing the following steps:

The user must first login to his account

After that, you must log in to the user’s profile

In the next step, you must click on the Edit Profile button

At the bottom, the user will find a special field for the phone number, where it is an old phone number or it is empty, you must click on it

Another page will appear for the user to be able to select his country code

In the next field, you can enter the user’s phone number

In the last step to complete the process, you must click on the check mark at the top of the page that specializes in saving changes

In this way, the Instagram mobile number will be added in less than one minute and with just one click

General details of the Instagram application

The Instagram application is a social networking platform.

After the user creates an account on this platform, he can upload and publish videos, photos and publications.

In addition to publishing daily stories on his personal account that will appear to his followers

In this case, followers can also interact with these videos, photos and cases through many ways, including liking, commenting, and also sharing them.

This application provides a feature for users, which is the ability to exchange messages between users in particular. You can exchange written messages and also make video calls and send all kinds of media such as pictures, audio clips and many other things

Users can also do live broadcasts which will enable users to interact with private followers in a direct manner

It is also possible in the application to take pictures and videos through the application itself, as the application provides a special section that contains a number of effects and filters that give aesthetic images

All these features and more are what made users prefer this application

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