How to Become Popular With your Friends in 10 Simple Steps

In this article, we offer you an explanation of how to become loved among your friends, how to become loved by God, how to be loved among people in 10 simple and easy steps, and how to become loved by everyone and not alienate you from society or anyone + download the book How to be loved among people and in school in 90 second or less and how to be loved at work, in addition to knowing recipes that make you popular among people, How to be loved 2021 – 2022

How to Become Popular With your Friends

The process of human communication is innate and cannot be learned and likable and sociable people are innately gifted.

But this information is incorrect, as there are many tips and methods that can be followed that are part of social intelligence and that make a person attractive and make him popular among friends and colleagues and help him in forming new acquaintances and friendships.

The easiest 10 steps that make you become loved among people, friends and God

There are many people who want to develop this and are looking for a way to make them more sociable and likable in social gatherings and among friends.

For this reason, in this article, we will present some scientific methods that can be followed that make a person enjoy social intelligence, as well as an answer to the question of how to become popular among your friends by adhering to the following steps and information:

Eye contact

There are many people who do not realize the value of eye contact when having a conversation either with friends or with colleagues

As verbal communication is very important and helps convey the idea, but eye contact gives the other person a feeling of interest and also confidence.

This helps greatly to gain respect and love among people

Avoid looking at people’s mobile phone

That this is when there is a group of friends talking among themselves and a person is talking to another person and this person grabs his mobile phone and presses it and does not care about it

This makes the other person feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable, and this should be avoided greatly

Remember the names

The person must remember the names of the people he meets continuously and these names must be mentioned in the middle of the conversation, as this gives a feeling of happiness and positivity to the recipient

The beautiful smile

People who talk to each other interact greatly with the other person’s facial features

Therefore, the person who wanted to give a distinctive character, she should make sure to smile when speaking

This also helps to emit a feeling of happiness for the other person

Listen carefully to someone who is talking to you

The process of listening to the speaker is not only important, but you must listen, focus and respond in an appropriate manner, and this is to encourage the other person to continue the conversation

This will make the other person unique

Praise other people

There are many people who need positive words to increase their self-confidence, as it is necessary to praise friends and colleagues

This is to encourage them and increase their acceptance of themselves

Do not interrupt while someone is speaking in front of you

If someone is talking, the person should avoid interrupting him, because this will give the impression that his conversation is not important and that the person is not interested in talking It makes me feel unappreciated at all

Don’t complain about someone talking to you

Being among negative people exhausts the energies of others, so there are many people who avoid being around these people, so the person must be positial

This is what makes other people prefer being around him

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