How to Check the House Before Buying ?

In this article, we offer you an explanation of how to check the house before buying?

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Many people who work to achieve the great goal in life is to buy a house of their own, they do not know the necessary procedures that must be taken before starting the purchase process, and perhaps the most prominent of these procedures is the examination of the house before buying.

The process of checking the house before buying is one of the most important operations that must be done before starting the purchase transactions and paying the money

Why home inspection is the most important thing a person should do

The home inspection process is an important process aimed at examining the house, which helps the person to take a look at the general condition in the house before starting to buy the house

Therefore, this process must be done to avoid the complex problems that a person may encounter after the purchase process and discover that the house needs many repairs, which the person expects many repairs

You must first contact a home inspection company to ensure the condition of the house

There is a specialized person whose main job is to check the house, which greatly helps in the inspection process and checks all the things about the house such as plumbing, electrical wiring and insulation and discovers all the unnoticed problems in the house.

The best ways to inspect the house, apartment or villa before buying

The examination process is divided into two types, which are “theoretical home examination” and “theoretical or medical examination”

Theoretical home inspection

Where the competent person, the examination, performs the examination of the house, which includes the ceilings, walls, floors, the external structure of the house and the internal and external spaces.

home functional examination

It is a type of examination that is relatively close to the theoretical examination of the house, but it is considered a vital examination of the house and includes the examination of thermal insulation, kitchen water line and electricity meter, as well as the examination of waterproofing and examination of the private sewage in the house.

What is a home medical examination?

It is an examination that gives all the exact details of the house and that is not visible, which includes a complete examination of the electrical system by a specialist

The plumbing system is also fully checked by a specialist

Also, an engineering analysis of the construction situation and the map of the house will be done

If problems arise in the building and the house before starting the buying process, they can negotiate, as after carrying out the inspections, some problems in the houses are discovered.

This report can be relied on as a strong argument for negotiating in dealing with the seller if defects are found in the house, as the buyer has two options.

The first option is to buy the house at a lower price, because of the problems in it, or to find another house if the problems are serious and the costs are great

Important note: It is recommended to attend the examination process

If the buyer has time and is not busy in life and work, he can take some time to attend it now

This opportunity is useful for many people and also the house can be seen with an expert eye

As for the price of home inspections, it varies according to the size of the house, the region, the age of the building and other things

The home inspection process gives the buyer a feeling of satisfaction with the house he wants to buy and gives a feeling of reassurance that the house is in good condition and greatly helps in the decision-making process

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