How to Make your Facebook Account Public Easily

How to Make your Facebook Account Public Easily , The Facebook application is considered one of the most popular applications in the arena of applications for smartphones, as Facebook since its spread has become one of the most famous applications in the world, where the application has more than 2 billion users distributed in all countries of the world. As it is known in the Facebook application that the application  It allows users to make accounts private or public 2021 - 2022

In other words, the user can publish photos, videos and posts and make them appear either to friends who are on the personal page or to all people who access the page even if they are not friends and they can see these posts

So how to make their Facebook account public and this is what will be answered in this article

What is the Facebook app?

The Facebook application is a social networking platform where all people can create their own account by email or phone number and then can post videos, photos, written posts and stories, exchange messages with other users, do live broadcasts and share posts for other users freely

The user can also manage his own profile by adding a personal photo, adding an account cover, and controlling many features such as adding information, workplace, place of residence, date of birth, and others.

Users can send friend requests among themselves to expand the social knowledge base and freely see friends' posts

To the question how to make a Facebook account public, the answer is:

The process of making private posts public, which means that everyone can see them whether they are friends of the user or not, is by posting various posts such as photos, videos, writing posts.

The user can click on the option at the top of the post, through which they can select the target audience, who will see this post

When you click on this option, Facebook will give options, including friends, user only, or public, which means that this post is available to be seen by all people

Every time a user publishes a post to edit this privacy option and make it public, it will be visible to other users and not just friends

There are many people who prefer their Facebook account private and also all the photos that are published and shared can only be viewed by people who agree to their friend request and this is available on both sides

Where the user can choose whether the page is public or the page is private, according to what suits his various needs

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