Ideas for Making Children's Stories and a Model for Composing a Short Story and Competitions

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There are many people and writers in particular who are looking for ideas for making children's stories

As the stories for children should be purposeful and meaningful in order to strengthen the positive qualities in the child when he reads these stories

As the stories for children must be inspiring and well studied, and also it must be taken into account that not all kinds of stories can be made stories for children.

Whereas, children's stories should be specific to a specific age group and in specific ideas and not contain anything that might harm the child or his way of thinking.

How to make an idea for making short stories and competitions for children

There are a lot of teachers, women, and those responsible for students and children in kindergarten or in schools looking for an idea to make children's stories, and this is what will be discussed in this article.

The special ideas in stories directed to children vary and vary, as there are many entertaining stories and also stories aimed at teaching beautiful meanings that help in building the child’s personality and strengthening the good qualities

Some tips on how to write a short story for children

A person who wants to write a story or is looking for an idea to make children's stories must first read short stories and this is very important and very easy

You must write the first draft of the story in the shortest possible period of time, in one sitting

Then you should read this story without changing anything

After reading the draft, you should identify the main ideas behind this story by summarizing the story in one introduction

It should contain the main idea of ​​the story as well as the characteristics of the character and the purpose of the story

After that, in the second level, you must fill in the gaps in the plot, as well as the scenes and fictional characters

As for the topics that can be written about in children's stories and from which an idea can be taken from the story

Adventure stories, as adventure stories are very popular among children and also encourage them and develop their imagination

Special stories in science fiction and supernatural stories, as these stories attract the child's interest and greatly develop his imagination.

Romance, drama, romance, drama and stories whose goal is to love others have a positive meaning for the child in a large way

Mystery stories and puzzles, these stories help in developing the child's thinking and intelligence

The person can also come up with an idea to make children's stories by using one of his childhood memories by thinking about the interesting and strange memories of the person or his children as the main inspiration for the story

The writer may also have visited another country when he was young, writing a story about this adventure

A person can also think of traditional things and turn them into a story with some imagination, such as a daily activity by adding some imagination to it and adding unexpected and imaginary elements, and also can choose some normal situations that occur in the day

Like going to the dentist or zoo and turning it into an imaginary situation and there are many other miscellaneous ideas

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