Explanation of the Indiegogo Platform for Donations and Crowdfunding of Projects

In this article, we present to you an explanation of the Indiegogo platform for donations and crowdfunding, which helps you to conduct and run financing campaigns for large and small projects, collect donations and finance small and medium projects without a sponsor, without large interests and without a bank, such as loans to finance new projects, the site is similar to the following sites:  Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Funding websites, Astro Slide, Arabic Kickstarter, Fundly, Indiegogo games, Launch Good How to fund your project in indegogo 2021 - 2022

It is the most famous and largest site for financing small and large projects in the United States of America, Britain, Australia, Canada, Switzerland and all countries of the world

With the development of the Internet in our time and the development of the ways in which many people are using this wide network, websites have developed greatly, some of which are useful and some of which are just fraud and waste of time.

We will focus on one of the best websites that provide great service to users, which is the funding campaigns for projects on the Indigogo platform

The process of choosing the right site to start funding campaigns and we will highlight one of the best platforms that can start working on it

Detailed information about the Indiegogo platform

The site is a special site for collecting collective donations and is also an excellent site for youth to launch their own idea for projects and talent

The site helps raise funds for their campaigns, so there are many people and millions of people around the world who visit the platform on a daily basis

In order to get unconventional and smart things that help them solve their daily problems, whether the problems are small or big

The main goal of the site is to give all people a launch pad to launch their own products that help develop technology, solve problems and many more things

What is the Indiegogo platform and how to use it

Indiegogo is a teamwork platform that gives entrepreneurs and youth opportunities to be funded, showcased and supported by donors.

The main idea of ​​the site is to give an opportunity to launch a special financing site for users

An area for business owners after the end of their campaign and staying on the platform to receive production and sale orders

The site works on creating private donation and funding campaigns through many ways, such as sharing videos, stories, photos and many other options.

On the site if the user achieves his funding before the campaign deadline

The user can decide to end the campaign or continue, and there are also no special laws that force the user to set a funding limit or the deadline that can be extended

What distinguishes the Indiegogo site is that it gives users what they get from the campaigns, whether large or small amounts, and that is the opposite of the rest of the other sites that do not give profits until the end goal is achieved.

The site takes 5% as a percentage of the private funding for users, which is considered a small percentage

How to transfer money on Indiegogo

The site allows donors who wish to donate to campaigns in many ways that are available, including bank accounts, credit cards, and others

User funds can be withdrawn through bank accounts

The site shows campaigns from more than 200 countries around the world, especially in European countries, including England, France, Italy and Spain and all of the European countries.

Withdrawals and payments can also be done via PayPal or Google pay, and this made it easier for the donor and the donor

How to register on Indiegogo

The way to register and open a new account on the Indiegogo site is very easy, which is the user's entry to the main private site

And to put personal data such as e-mail, first name, last name and password

Upon entering the site, its campaign will start directly with ease

The link to enter the Indiegogo platform from here

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