Job Opportunities in Croatia 2022 : job opportunities in Europe without papers

In this article, we offer you an explanation of how to get job opportunities in Croatia 2021-2022, the strongest and best vacancies to work in Europe without introduction and without papers through short and few working hours, working in Eastern Europe without the need for work contracts in Europe for sale

The experience of working in Croatia is a very pleasant experience for immigrant people and foreign workers from all over the world, as Croatia has a well-developed economy and market, a huge service sector and a stable currency

The labor market in Croatia is facing some difficulties and also some economic difficulties that the country is facing

As the salaries that are offered may be less than the salaries that the person used to get, but on the other hand the cost of living in Croatia is much lower than the expected rate

Therefore, in this article, we will present all the details related to working in Croatia, as well as the salaries that are provided there, the number of hours and other important matters

Croatia has a strong workforce with unique skills, where services are mainly based on which the economy is based, as Croatia's economy depends largely on tourism

Tourism also provides 60% of the gross domestic product, and the rest of the percentages are distributed to the industrial sector and other sectors such as the industries of plastics, chemicals, tools, metal machinery, solid products and aluminum.

How to get a job in Croatia

Business owners in Croatia very much want to work with foreign workers, as the person must give reasons that make him suitable to apply for this job and accept it

And also the person must know the Croatian language in which the inhabitants speak there

As it is the main language spoken by the population there is the Croatian language.

Most other countries speak English and German, but the arena for competition in these two languages ​​is intense and very difficult.

Conditions of employment and obtaining a job opportunity in Croatia ((Europe))

A person will get a greater chance if he masters the Croatian language, as the sectors in Croatia suffer from a shortage of professionals such as architects, civil engineers, foreign language teachers, doctors, engineers, information technology and can accept non-native speakers of English and Arabic is accepted

In addition to teachers specializing in mathematics, mechanical engineers and also physics teachers

Greater opportunities can be found in big cities like Zagreb or Dubrovnik

There are many companies that recruit foreign workers continuously via the Internet, which are Bluesum Hotels, Adria-Mar, Markt, Holcim, iN2, Puljanka

Also, there are many international companies that employ foreigners in free recruitment sites that are managed through the Ministry of Economy

Finding a job in these companies is very important, as the applicant will obtain a job and health insurance directly from the state

Salaries and working hours in Croatia?

As for the salaries that are provided that there are people who work in the finance department, banking, information, technology, insurance, communications, logistics, and also warehousing matters, they get wages better than average.

As for people who work in the transport, hospitality and catering department, their wages are often low, as the average private salary in Croatia is M204,213

As for the most paid wages is for running a business, where the average income is 338,146 euros

Working hours in private Croatia are up to 48 hours per week

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