Monthly Expense in Malaysia | Costs of Living and Study and Tourism and Work in Malaysia

In this article, we offer you a full explanation of the monthly expenses in Malaysia and life in Malaysia for English, French, Germans, Italians and all European and foreign nationalities, and how much are the costs of study, living, tourism, work, investment, and opening investment projects in Malaysia 2021, and what are the costs of studying in Malaysia in Saudi riyals and university prices in Malaysia  2020 – 2022 and details of social life, work and residence in Malaysia, Monthly expense in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the countries that attracts many people, especially students from all over the world

This is because it offers many special features at low costs to all the attackers who intend to either study, housing, tourism, work or also start their own business.

As Malaysia is considered one of the best countries that enjoys many distinct and integrated aspects of economic, social, health care or educational level.

This is what makes many people who want to travel to Malaysia ask many questions

One of these questions is the monthly expense in Malaysia, and this matter will be answered in this article

How much are the monthly expenses for studying, tourism and living in Malaysia?

Malaysia is one of the most attractive countries for international students from all over the world, due to the high quality of education it provides, as well as the low cost of living and distinctive in all resarticl

As there are many options for students that can be enrolled in public universities, private universities, foreign international university that has branches in Malaysia, or various institutes that teach many things.

Costs of living, working and studying in Malaysia

The quality of living in Malaysia is one of the most important features that it is famous for and attracts people from all over the world

As it is low compared to other countries, as well as the high quality of education, the distinguished social climate and the thriving economy

As for students, the amount of 350 dollars is very enough for the student

As for housing, because it occupies the largest amount of expenses, there are many options, as there is internal housing

This includes in the university, which is a common room, as well as meals, as this cost is determined on a monthly or annual basis

There are also many shared housing, as there are residential spaces that can be rented with other people, which makes the cost significantly lower and lower.

Where the cost is from 400 to 600 ringgit, which is equivalent to approximately 100 to 150 US dollars

Costs of private housing and rent in Malaysia

There are many people who may not be students and want to take private housing, which is a cost of 345 US dollars, and this is in the suburbs near the capital

Court and clothing expenses in Malaysia

The amount allocated for this matter should be 150 dollars, and this is sufficient on a monthly basis and three meals a day, and this matter depends only on the needs of the person

As for clothes, it is approximately $150 per month, and this is to meet all requirements and this matter can be controlled according to the needs

Transportation and transportation costs in Malaysia

As for the means of transportation, the transportation and public transportation sector is very distinguished in Malaysia, as the train is one of the very distinctive means of transportation in Malaysia and its quality is very high.

It can be used to reach all places and its cost is very low, which costs from one ringgit to three ringgit approximately

These were the special prices in Malaysia that you must see before taking this step

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