Explanation of Meta Tag Blogger Codes (What is the Function of MetaTags to Rank in Search Engines)

In this post, we offer you an explanation of the Blogger meta tags for the year 2021, details and important information about the meta tags, what is their function and importance, and how search engines issue and introduce the blog or website + download the best and most powerful modern and new codes for strong and fast archiving 2022

If we want to create a website or blog on the Blogger platform, we must take into account that the blog has codes called Meta Tags, and the absence of these codes is considered a signature by the owner of the blog that he does not want search engines to take care of his website nor

He wants to archive it permanently

What is the meta tag and what is its function?

The Meta Tags are codes and programming codes that are placed within the basic codes and programming language of the blog in the appearance section. The code consists of the HTML programming language, which greatly helps to understand the site and give commands to search engines in the overall archive and comprehensive definition of the website

In addition, the meta tags enable Facebook and Twitter to take care of the content of the blog so that articles and topics are published beautifully without errors in formatting and image and publishing links

In addition to all that, we can say that the reason for the success of any site in publishing its articles for search engines, especially the search engine Google and Bing, is these codes.

And here we must know that not all the codes that we see spread on the Internet are useful and not all of them are sufficient, as there are weak meta tag codes that cannot be relied upon and will not help us in upgrading our site, so you should pay attention to choosing the strongest and best tested codes with a download link  sound and from reliable sites such as the Roya Informatics website, the objective network, the professional website

The Blogger platform has launched new updates and decoded the secrets of user coding and made modifications available to users to work on improving their sites to appear in search results.  Crawl, correctly define the description of the content

The place for placing meta tags inside the blog is at the bottom of the first head section in the top section of the blog, and the codes must start with the following: <!-- Meta Tags ~ -->

Features of adding Meta Tags

These codes help index the topics in the blog and send them to search engines automatically, thus helping to advance the site’s SEO and lower the site’s ranking in Alexa global, and the most important of these benefits and features:

Fixes "Duplicate meta descriptions" and "Duplicate title tags" errors

Improve page titles on all blog pages

Create an automatic description drawn from the content of the article

Set up Social Media Meta Tag Facebook and twitter

Define a custom color for mobile browsers

Full Configuration for Meta Tag

Post on Facebook without blocking

Important notice: It takes 3-6 days for code results to appear to search engines and improve SEO according to 2020 and 2019 updates

We have equipped the most powerful integrated meta tag code for blogger blogs with a direct and proper download link, and these codes are the same that we use on our website

To download MetaTags codes from here

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