$10,000 Prize Money Competition for Mobile Photography of Fruits and Vegetables

In this post, we offer you an explanation of how to participate in the most powerful competition to win free financial prizes and valuable gifts online, which is a competition presented by Photo Crowd for mobile photography and photography under the title Fruits and Vegetables 2021 – 2022 – 2023

Photo Crowd has provided an opportunity to support amateurs and professionals who practice the profession of photography all over the world by inviting them to participate in a special photography competition in fruits and vegetables, and the photography competition is similar to the National Geographic mobile competitions 2020

Participation in the competition can be done through pictures of vegetables and fruits from all over the world, and it is also possible to participate through pictures of fruits and vegetables that were filmed in the studio or by preparing food

What are the conditions for photos to participate in the competition

The image format must be jfoo

Images can be up to 25MB in size and 10,000 pixels tall

The minimum acceptable image is 1080p for the short side of the image

Who is the jury for the photography competition?

The photos submitted by the participants will be available to the public for evaluation during the presentation period

These reviews are on a three-star scale, and the more stars, the better

When the evaluation period begins, everyone will be able to see all the photos that participated in the competition

The competition is sometimes presented by a specialized committee for evaluation

When the special period for pruning is completed, the competent committee chooses the best pictures and they write some reviews for all the pictures

The winner of the competition will be announced to the public as well as to the committee on the same day

Time limit for the financial competition for mobile photography

The deadline for participation is May 28, 2021, and from the same date in 2022 and 2023

The arbitration phase begins after the specified day, which is 28 until May 6th

The names of the winning contestants will be announced on May 6 of each year

The first winner will win $10,000

The second winner will win $5000

The third winner will win $2,500 USD

The fourth and fifth winners will each win $1,000

And the sixth winner will win $500 only

Eligibility criteria and nationalities available to participate in the financial competition

Photos must be exclusive and contestants are accepted from the following countries:

England, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Croatia, Poland, Sweden, Armenia, Romania, Russia, Norway, Switzerland, Argentina, Brazil, Canada

In addition to Sudan, Tunisia, China, Japan, Ireland, Indonesia, Austria, Turkey, Australia, America, Russia, Korea, UAE, China, South Africa, Greece, Hungary, Philippine and Singapore

Available Majors: All majors

Gender: Available for both sexes (men and women)

For more details and to apply for the mobile photography competition, enter here

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