Prize Money $200 for Each Winner Presented by Giraf Animation Festival

In this post, we present to you how to participate in the strongest and best competition, financial prizes and valuable gifts via the Internet, provided by the Giraf International Animation Festival, and win the amount of 200 Canadian dollars for each winner in the years 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025

Film Freeway has announced that it is looking for special films in independent animation to be shown to the public at the Giraf International Animation Festival in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

This competition has declared that it approves of narrative or existential films drawn by hand or by computer

It must be made by students, professionals or any other source

The judges search for films that have a sense of suspense to continue watching and that develop the idea of ​​​​animation in moving the feelings of the viewer

What are the benefits and prizes for the financial competition

Participants will be presented with a film screening fee of $70 at Giraf

CAD 200 will be awarded to each contest winner

A special prize will be given to the films selected by the audience

What are the criteria and conditions for applying for the financial competition?

Films produced for a commercial purpose will not be accepted

The festival targets an adult age group, so films directed to children or families are rarely selected

The movie does not have to include music tracks but this is not necessary

Films produced in the 2019 special year are allowed to be submitted as feature-length or short-form animation films

Nationality accepted in the competition: China, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Iraq, Egypt, Comoros, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Morocco, Libya, Oman, Mauritania, Qatar, Russia, UAE, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia, Syria, Yemen, Germany, Canada, Austria, Turkey, Australia, America, France, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, India, China, Japan, Greece, Hungary  Romania, Singapore, Malaysia, Netherlands, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark and all countries of the world.

Specialization All specialties

Gender: Available for both sexes

For more information and to participate in the financial competition and valuable prizes, enter here

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