How to Recover a Telegram Account After Deleting Telegram

In this article, we offer you an explanation of how to recover a Telegram account, how to recover a deleted Telegram account, how to create a Telegram account without a number, and solve the problem of forgetting the Telegram lock code and Telegram activation code

There are many users looking for a way that enables them to recover their Telegram account, and that many people need this after changing their phone number, or the phone has been stolen, or if their number is lost.

In all these cases, a quick intervention is required from the account holder to protect all his accounts from hacking and prevent the other person from accessing them

In this article, we will present many distinctive and quick solutions that can be relied upon in these cases

How to recover a Telegram account if the phone is lost

Many people may have their phone stolen or lost or after forgetting the password or losing the mobile and mobile number

But it must be thought that in these cases this does not mean losing his number, as he must go to the telecommunications company that the user deals with and disable the lost calling card and extract another card for the same number

The telecommunications company requires proof of identity, such as a personal identity card, in order to do this

Retrieving the private number is an important step for data recovery, but access to other accounts must be canceled

The user must open the Telegram application on the PC, the version of Telegram on the browser

Also, you must enter the phone number with the country code to start the steps to recover the Telegram account

The application will send a verification code for the account, which must be entered in the required place

After logging in and logging into the account, you must click on the menu icon located in the upper corner of the page

After that you should click on Settings and click on Active sessions

Now you must click on End all other sessions that are in the indefinite

In this step the user is able to log out of all other accounts and people who entered the account from the same number

With this, the user will be able to open his account on the phone or on the PC with ease

Restore old phone number telegram account

The user who wants to recover the Telegram account on an old phone number is facing difficulty, especially for the person who does not have the special permission to access the account of the old number.

In this case, it will be impossible to recover this account except by one step:

You must contact the technical support of the Telegram application, where you can contact the support team via the link listed

But the user must have proof that this number is theirs such as a special invoice for payment

The problem must be fully explained in English, with thanks to the number and private e-mail

The support team will contact the user as soon as possible, and in the event that the private account is deleted and the user still owns the number, it is possible with ease to try to register to the account via the number without any problems

The support team link can be found here

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