Best Free Scholarship in Australia for Undergraduate Students in the Field of Economics

In this article, we offer you an explanation of how to register and apply for the best partially funded free scholarship in Australia for undergraduate students in the field of economics offered by the University of Queensland in Australia, the best scholarship in the world for the year 2021-2022

The scholarships offered by institutions and universities, which may be fully funded, partially funded, or unfunded, and they only provide the opportunity for people to study in different universities, especially for masters, bachelors, and high school students for English, Germans, French, Italians, Russians, Americans, Spanish, Turkish and Romanians.

For Swedish , Norway, and all Europeans and foreigners in New Zealand

These scholarships are offered by all educational institutions in order to provide the opportunity for all students around the world to complete their academic career.

As there are many people from around the world and in countries that may not have a special environment that supports students to complete their academic career

Usually students are looking for scholarships offered by universities in different countries abroad, which can be applied for and benefit from experiences in other countries and useful information

Therefore, in this article, we will present one of the distinctive scholarships offered by the University of Queensland in Australia, which is a partially funded bachelor’s scholarship.

Queensland located in Australia offer scholarships for undergraduate students

What majors are available for free scholarships in Australia?

The university has identified the specializations for these scholarships, which are bachelor’s degrees in the Department of Economics

In addition to a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

What are the benefits for Australian scholarship applicants?

The scholarship will cover 50% of the tuition fees that must be paid by applicants for the duration of the program and study

This scholarship does not cover living costs for the entire period of study, travel expenses, or health coverage

What are the criteria for applying for a scholarship in Australia?

The scholarship is available to international students who have not previously studied in Australia and also students who are studying English in Australia

The student must also not simultaneously receive other scholarships that cover his/her tuition fees

This scholarship is available to students who have taken an offer of study at the University of Queensland

This scholarship is also based on academic distinction, and the university encourages outstanding students to apply for this scholarship.

Detailed information about the University of Queensland in Australia

The University of Queensland is ranked as one of the most prominent universities in Australia, as it ranks highly in the top 50 universities in the world.

This reflects the high efficiency that it enjoys and its scientific position, as this university offers many ideas and research services in the private classrooms of students, and this makes Al-Talal look forward to the latest findings of science.

As the education process will be by world-renowned researchers and also in very modern facilities and places whose equipment value exceeds millions of dollars.

Required Nationality: No specific nationality is required and therefore applicants are accepted from Germany, Italy, France, England, Russia, Sweden , Netherlands, Romania, Armenia, United States, Lebanon, UAE, Poland , Portugal, Spain, Iceland, China , Japan , Mauritania, Turkey, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, Finland and all countries of the world

Age: No specific age is required

Gender: The scholarship is available for both sexes (for both boys and girls))

Specialization: International Relations and Political Science

Venue: In Australia

The required documents are a letter of recommendation, a CV and an application

For more information and to apply for scholarships in Australia, click here

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