Free Scholarships in Denmark 2022 (Fully funded scholarship without language requirement)

In this article, we offer you an explanation of how to obtain Danish scholarships to study a master’s degree in engineering in Denmark, here is the answer to the following question: How to get a free fully funded scholarship from the government without language requirement and unconditional 2021 and until 2022 Free scholarship fully supported by the Danish government To study in Denmark

The University of Southern Denmark has offered a scholarship to students around the world supported by the Ministry of Higher Education for international students in appreciation of the efforts made when studying abroad, especially free fully-funded scholarships for high school students 2020-2021 supported by the Danish government

Through the Danish government scholarship 2021 that has been offered since 2020 until now, it is somewhat similar to the University of Helsinki scholarship, the Romanian scholarship 2021, the Russia scholarship, the Rene Seydou scholarship and many of the Romanian scholarship specializations

This Danish scholarship is for postgraduate studies and is part of the Student Cultural Exchange Agreement between the countries of the world

This scholarship consists of two main parts, which give him all costs and fees in full, especially the Turkish scholarship

The other part is to cover living costs through a monthly stipend, which amounts to 3000 kroner

What are the scholarship application criteria?

Available to all students whose country does not belong to the European Union or who want to obtain a master's degree in engineering

The available mode is a master's degree in electronic engineering and a master's degree in mechatronics

The scholarship is selected and approved based on grades and academic excellence

Also, all applicants who have enrolled in Southern Denmark University are also eligible for this scholarship

In terms of accepted nationality, they are from foreign countries for residents, most notably: United Arab Emirates for citizens and non-nationals (for expatriates), USA, Canada, Venezuela, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Philippines, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Congo, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Ireland, Scotland, Austria, Russia, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, Nigeria, Chile, Denmark, all countries of the world

Required age: from 13 to 50 Required gender: both sexes (male - female)

What is the value of the scholarship The grant and its value consist of two main parts, as mentioned earlier, which is to cover costs and fees in full, and another grant that includes covering housing costs with a monthly salary. 

For more information and to register for the scholarship, enter here

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