Free Scholarships in Spain 2022 For Masters in Management Sciences Funded

In this article, we offer you an explanation of how to apply and register for the best free scholarships in Spain for masters to study management sciences fully funded by ESADE Institute in Spain for the year 2021-2022

Many students who finish their undergraduate studies begin to think about the possibility and also the opportunity to complete a post-university masters and Ph.D.

But in some developing, international countries that suffer from economic crises, this matter may constitute an obstacle for many ambitious students.

As the biggest obstacle to students is the financial obstacle, as well as the obstacle to the quality of education in these grades

Therefore, most students who want to complete these higher degrees start looking for special opportunities in advanced universities that are located in foreign and European countries to join them and complete the road

But for many students, as we mentioned, the financial obstacle stands in front of them greatly

This is what makes students search for scholarships offered by these foreign universities and institutions, which provide the opportunity for many international students to enroll in these universities with full or partial funding.

As it is known, the idea of ​​scholarships offered by universities and institutions in foreign countries is to give international students an opportunity to travel to other countries with a higher quality of education.

And also giving them the opportunity to obtain higher degree certificates without having to worry about study costs

As these scholarships are fully or partially funded to suit all students

Therefore, searches may be many, and there are millions of opportunities that are constantly asked by institutions and universities

In this article, we will highlight one of the scholarships for a master’s degree in management sciences that is funded by ESADE in Spain.

Detailed information about the free scholarship in Spain

The ESADE Institute, located in Spain, has offered a special scholarship in the master’s degree to all students around the world in the field of management sciences.

As the idea of ​​the scholarship will be awarded to students on the basis of merit and also the selection will be made based on the applicant’s previous academic performance.

The ESADE Foundation prioritizes diversity on this scholarship

What are the benefits of the free masters scholarship in Spain

The scholarship value ranges from 10% to 50% for the master’s program tuition fees, which represents an average of 26% of the tuition fees during the last payment

Nationality: No specific nationality is required and therefore applicants are accepted from Sweden, England, Finland, India, Argentina, Australia, Norway, Croatia, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, New Zealand, Romania, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Singapore, Canada, America, China and all countries of the world

Gender: Available for both sexes (for male and female students)

Age: No specific age is required (for all ages)

Scholarship and study place: in Spain exclusively

Required documents: A true copy of the applicant’s academic record, as well as a letter of recommendation and application

Information and an overview of the Spanish ESADE Institute

The ESADE Institute is an academic institution that is globally known for the quality of education it provides, its focus and its international outlook is clear and built on the foundation of comprehensive personal development, as well as building strong links with the business world.

People are the foundation of the ESADE Foundation.

Faculty professionals and more than 60,000 alumni of universities from all over the world make up this institution.

For more information and to apply for a scholarship in Spain, click here

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