Solve the Problem of Low AdSense Earnings and Get an Increase in Earnings (reasons and solutions)

In this post, we offer you an explanation of the most important reasons for the decline in Google AdSense and YouTube earnings for the year 2021 in detail and how to solve the problem of low profits and obtain a significant increase in profits in a very short time Reasons and solutions 2022

The question of the reason for the decline in AdSense and YouTube profits comes to many users, especially at the beginning of the new year, as the company’s profits decrease significantly

I was greatly affected at the time of the outbreak of the Corona virus, and this is what made many publishers search for the topic of AdSense Corona

The company has its own forum, which is the AdSense Forum 2022

All companies have a term called the fiscal year, and it is based on calculating the company's profits during this year. This scheme starts in January in most companies, but it varies from one company to another.

The fiscal year is divided into four sections

Each section is for three months

In general, profits fall in the first quarter of the year, the first four months

This is because companies are reducing or stopping their advertising campaigns because they generally count the money they made during the year

Companies set an amount of money for advertising campaigns that is much less than the specified amount required for advertising, and this comes as a result of the company calculating profits and losses and calculating the capital that it spent on the advertising campaign

When the company does this, it leads to a decrease in the company's advertising campaigns, and this leads to a decrease in its profits, and other companies take advantage of this matter and start competition with intense advertising campaigns with large amounts, and this is in their interest in general

When the company finishes the calculation process for the new year, it returns to the competition arena with a strong force

Most companies intensify their advertising campaigns in the month of Ramadan, because the month is distinguished for backward advertising campaigns, such as advertising campaigns for series, films and shows in general.

Most companies rely on this month the most month of the year

In 2016, there was a change in Adidas in terms of profits due to the boycott campaigns carried out by companies on Google, and Google responded to the campaigns, giving them a free opportunity and paying compensation to the European Union

This is what prompted Google AdSense in 2017 to make new updates to its system

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