Get a free summer residency in Italy for artists through the Siena Art Institute Onlus program

In this article, we offer you an explanation of how to get a chance to travel to Italy for free through a free summer residence program for artists in Italy, fully funded by Siena Art Institute Onlus for Tourism and Travel for the year 2021-2022

There are many artists from around the world who want to travel to other countries to learn about different cultures

This is done by looking at the programs that are offered by different organizations and institutions in many countries

One of these programs offered by Siena Art Institute Onlus organizations in Italy is a special mall summer residency program for artists.

Information about the summer residence program in Italy for free

The Siena Art Institute Onlus organized a month-long summer program for artists in various disciplines in the beautiful historical city of Siena in the heart of Tuscany, Italy.

What are the benefits for applicants to the summer residence program in Italy?

Artists and people who have been accepted into the program will have, during their summer residency program, a private studio at the Sene Art Institute for a period of four weeks or one month.

They will also get a one-bedroom apartment in the city center for a month

People will receive compensation for the flight to and from Italy from the country of the resident

Artists residing at the Siena Institute will be asked to return the favor in several ways, namely

They will be asked to give a general talk about her work since their arrival in Siena

Program participants should be contacted through a regular activity such as an afternoon master class or some review of student work

Residents and artists can also do this, but this is not mandatory 

Presenting one or more shows in an exhibition or studio during their stay

Workshops can also be led with participants in the Siena Institute's summer program or members of the local community

What are the criteria and conditions for applying to the summer residence program in Italy?

Artists or writers of all disciplines can apply for this opportunity, including photography, printmaking, creative writing, performance, sculpture, choreography, drawing, film, video, music composition, ceramics, installation art, and performance art.

The admissions process is competitive for all residency programs at Siena Institute of Art

The selected artists must complete the residency application, and also submit a profile listing their professional accomplishments as artists, their inclinations for artistic experimentation, and their interests in sharing their artistic passion with others.

Artists must and are required to have a master's degree in fine arts or have an equivalent professional achievement such as comprehensive exhibition or publications.

Applicants must be fluent in English, Italian, American Sign Language or Italian Sign Language

Artists are not allowed to work in toxic and hazardous materials at the Art Institute

Small groups of writers and artists of two to three people who wish to work collaboratively can

It is possible to apply for shared accommodation, but the institute will finance travel for one person and also give a one-bedroom apartment

Applicants will be required to remain in Siena on weekdays during their stay and also prohibited from traveling outside Siena to weekends or before and after the period of stay

Residents are not allowed to host guests in their apartments at night

Gender: unisex (for both men and women)

Age: No specific age is required

Opportunity location: Italy

Documents required to apply for the opportunity to travel to Italy for free

Application for submission

For more information and to apply for the opportunity, click here

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