Monthly Expense in Thailand (Cost of Living and Tourism and Study)

In this article, we provide you with a full explanation of the monthly expenses in Thailand, how much it costs to live, live, study and work in Thailand, what are the prices for tourism in Thailand, and details about the currency of Thailand and Arab Street in Phuket 2021 – 2022

Many people are looking for countries they can travel to, either for the purpose of study, for the purpose of stability, or for the purpose of opening business projects, for the purpose of working in them, or for the purpose of tourism, as Thailand in particular receives many tourists and also immigrants permanently.

It is considered as one of the best countries with all the features that attract people from all over the world for those people who travel to Thailand looking for answers to many questions

One of these questions is the monthly expenses in Thailand, where the person should be informed of all aspects that interest him in this matter.

Also, the most important of these aspects are the monthly expenses that will be spent during the period of stay in Thailand, and this matter will be explained in this article.

Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia on the Indochina Peninsula

The private population of Thailand is 66 million people, which makes it the 20th largest in the world in terms of population

The total area of ​​Thailand is very large, making it the fifty-first in the world in terms of total area

The largest city in Thailand in Bangkok, which is the center of trade, industry and culture in Thailand

The official language of the Thai country and the main religion is Buddhism, which makes up about 95% of the population.

It has a very special socio-economic climate which makes it one of the best countries to consider traveling

Costs of monthly living expenses in Thailand

As for the monthly costs and expenses in Thailand for people who want to visit the country, they are as follows:

Initially the main currency in Thailand is the Thai baht

Where a person can get 1 dollar for 32 Thai baht

Is Thailand an expensive country for tourism and living?

Regarding the question: Is Thailand an expensive country: In general, the prices of basic products that a person needs in Thailand are much lower than in many countries, as the average spending in Thailand is 530 Thai baht in a hostel.

As for the prices of 3-star hotels in 1500 THB

And the price per night in a luxury hotel in Thailand is 9000 Thai baht

The use of private transportation in Thailand costs 28 THB per ticket

As for food and food prices in Thailand, the food items purchased from supermarkets may be high or medium, for example

A carton of milk costs 53 THB

As for cold meat, which weighs one kilo, it is 607 Thai baht

As for the prices for a week’s stay in Thailand, it is 11 thousand baht in a cheap hotel

The private travel budget is 14,000 Thai baht

As for the costs of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Thailand, the cost of fast food is 200 THB

Also, the special costs in cafes are very low, as the price of a cup of coffee is 60 baht in Thailand

Therefore, the issue must be studied in detail before deciding to go and travel to Thailand

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