How to Verify an Instagram Account with a Blue Tick for free

In this article, we present to you an explanation of how to verify an Instagram account with the blue tick for free, and the site to verify an Instagram account easily 2022 2021

As it is known on social networking sites, there are many famous people and also trusted accounts who request the application management process to authenticate the account

As in the Instagram application, the process of authenticating the account is placed on a blue beside the name, and this means that this account is trusted and that its owner is the official person with this name

There are many people who are wondering about the special way to verify an Instagram account, and this is what will be asked in this article, and the verification of an Instagram account with a blue tick will also be answered for free.

What is the benefit of verifying an Instagram account ?

When the user authenticates his Instagram account, there will be many special benefits for verifying the account

these benefits will be protected against reports, in other words, it is not possible to disable the account, but the account must not violate the standards of the Instagram application.

Also, the blue tick next to the name gives old and new followers a distinctive character that it is original and not fraudulent or fake

This gives more credibility to the account and also makes it easier to find the user's account if there are many accounts using the same name.

The notifications for the blue verification are distinctly visible next to the name, and they are added to the accounts of famous people, as well as ordinary people if the conditions for authentication are met with the account

Where you can get account verification for free without paying money

What are the requirements to verify an Instagram account for free?

In the beginning, the user must write his full name as it is found on the ID card in Instagram

The user's profile must be complete in terms of biography and personal photo

User must have at least 5000 followers

The account must also contain at least one video or photo

It is preferable that the Instagram account be linked with other social media accounts such as Facebook

The personal account must be public, not private

It is preferable to avoid putting too many links in the CV

Account confirmation must be done in an email or phone number

How to verify an Instagram account for free in simple and easy steps

The Instagram application is different from other social networking sites, as it provides an in-app feature, which is a special feature for account reconciliation

This can be done from within the application and there is no need to enter external links, which is by following the following steps:

First of all, you have to open your Instagram profile

In the next step, you must press the Settings button in the menu in the three lines at the top

After that, you must click on the Account option

In the next step, click on the option at the bottom of the list titled Investigation Request

A page for verifying the account will appear on instagram, so you must first put the username

In the next field, you must put the full name as written in the ID

In the box after that, you must put the name as it is written on Instagram

In this step, you must choose the account category such as if a person is a fashion designer, a football player or any other category

In the last step, you must upload your ID or passport by clicking on the choose file option

With this, the process of sending your Instagram account verification request has been completed and it will be authenticated within just days

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