Adthurst Advertising Company To Profit From Blogger and Wordpress Websites

In this post, we offer you an explanation of Adthurst for profit from Blogger and WordPress, the best Adsense alternative to profit from new and small Websites and blogs, accepting content at a high profit rate, Google Adsense alternatives No. 1 in the year 2021-2022

The most important thing that the site owner and content creator thinks about is profit from the site and from the articles and topics he writes and publishes on his website, and in order to be able to do that, he must partner with an advertising company to place ads inside the site to appear to visitors, which makes him earn money from the appearance of ads and interaction with them

Google Adsense is one of the best advertising companies, but it makes it difficult for new sites and sites that provide insufficient content or content that does not comply with its policies.

In this context, Adthurst is among the best Adsense alternatives for sites with Arabic, Islamic, news and political content. It accepts all sites without investment and without review and is characterized by its high profits compared to its peers from advertising companies.

Advantages of Adthurst advertising company to profit from sites

Adthurst is one of the most prestigious and trusted advertising companies that is widely known in many countries of the world, as it works like the Adsense advertising system, which depends on the principle of displaying ads to visitors based on their interests and based on the content of the topic, which makes the interaction rate with ads large, which You can double the profits from ads

Invest the traffic on your website by placing advertising codes from a publisher account, and one of the most important things that make the profit return from this company high is to ensure ads from the strongest bidders

Sites are accepted from various platforms such as: Blogger, blogger, wordpress, Wix, Joomla, and other platforms

Some problems can be encountered while opening a new account in the company and the solution to this problem is to adhere to the details that we will mention to you below

How to subscribe and register in Adthurst

Open a new account with Adthurst via email

Write the first name and surname

Set a strong password

Enter your website address (domain only)

Press to register

Confirm the account via the activation link that you receive to the email you registered with

Log in to the company's control panel

Generate advertising codes and codes and place them in the appropriate places on your website

Now your site is ready to start profiting from ads, and it is worth noting that Adthurst ads are similar to Adsense ads in terms of the format and appearance of the ads, and their ads can be placed with Adsense ads, as Adthurst ads are compatible with Adsense ads and there is no problem with that, especially since the forms of ads do not differ from The form of ads in Google Adsense

As for the payment methods in the company, they are: Paypal, bank transfer (bank), a check that can be cashed in any bank in the world.

To register in the company Adthurst and open a new account in it Enter here

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