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In this article, we offer you a link to the official Apple website, a report about a company, what are the goals of Apple, information about Apple in English, the original Apple website, a search for Apple pdf, Apple products, and what is Apple’s message and Apple’s website for buying and selling + secrets you will know for the first time about Apple For the year 2021 - 2022

Apple is considered one of the most famous companies in the world, as it is the number one company in the field of manufacturing smart phones, and there are many users who prefer only the products of this company

In the same context, there are many users who are looking for a link to the official Apple website, and this topic will be mentioned in this article and we will put you the link to the official Apple website and the real website of Apple

Apple is one of the famous companies in the world and is a strong competitor to Samsung, as Apple and Samsung are in constant competition to prove the best

There are also many other companies that have proven their presence in the smart phone manufacturing arena

What is Apple (Detailed Information)

Apple Inc. is an American company that manufactures smartphones, computers and all computer accessories

It is also considered one of the first private companies in the successful personal computer industry

The head office of the company is located in California

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs in 1977, as all devices manufactured under the company's hands are under the Apple brand.

What is the reason for the name Apple?

The reason for naming Apple is mainly due to the work of the founder of the company, Steve Jobs, in the apple orchard, where, as he stated, the apple is the ideal fruit.

He also said that the shape and size of the apple are perfect, and also that it contains many high nutrients, and that the damage is not easily caused to it.

What was Apple's first product?

The first product produced by Apple is the Apple I, as this product is a hand-made computer designed by the founder of the company.

But it was lacking in many things such as the user interface and the buyer must also add a keyboard and a special screen for display, it was offered in 1976 for sale

What is the reason for the success of Apple?

Steven Jobs was able to create and develop very impressive products that greatly helped increase the company's sales in one million dollars

Apple went through many difficulties, including that in 1983 it made a device and offered it for $ 10,000, but this product was a huge failure

But with another period of time, a quantum leap occurred in Apple and the change in the culture and policy of the company began

Also, many special policies were developed to protect technology and confidential information, and this matter greatly helped in documenting the production lines in the company, as well as within the electronic industry.

Apple is considered one of the most companies that have a brand and a special loyalty from customers, as there are many customers who have tried using Apple products and still prefer their products, and this is proof of the success and development of the company

Link to the official Apple website here

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