How To Make Money Online from Biqalamak Website : profit from writing articles

In this article, we offer you an explanation of the biqalamak website, the best Arab profit sites to make money from the Internet by writing articles and short stories, profit from writing content and profit from copying articles online, show your talent with your pen and earn free money for beginners without capital and without effort by buying and selling articles Online online without effort and without fatigue, full details of the best foreign profit-making website for the year 2021-2022 in the field of profit from writing articles in English and in Arabic at a high profit rate per word through writing sites and profit via smartphone or computer from By publishing articles for a fee

There are many foreigners who hear about a guaranteed, honest and reliable profitable site that has many proofs of withdrawal and payment, which is the biqalamak site Attractive money to earn more than 10 dollars a day

Therefore, there are many people in the field of blogging in general who have great skills in blogging, but they did not find the appropriate opportunity to invest their abilities well, so the site biqalamak appeared

The site works mainly on profit sharing and also working on the Internet through it is very easy and the site in general accepts all people only if they have the talent of blogging and writing articles in easy and simple ways

The method of profit from the biqalamak site is very easy and is very easy and is suitable for beginners who do not have capital to start with in the field of profit from the Internet and daily, immediate and fast profit. Through your pen site, you can start profiting from the Internet from scratch until professionalism

What is biqalamak Website and how to profit from it by writing content and articles

biqalamak is one of the best Arabic sites with Arabic content as well as foreign content that allows users to write topics and profit from them

As the biqalamak website invites all people who have the talent and skill of people to write in exchange for money

It allows the ability to publish articles written by users on the site and also with their personal names

How to register on the biqalamak Website

You can open a new account on the biqalamak website and log into it easily by entering the registration link on the website, which we will put to you at the end of the explanation

After that, you fill in the information and data required from you, and thus a new account will be opened on the biqalamak website with your pen, and you can now start making money from the internet and get real dollars easily without any effort through freelancing remotely and making money from home

This site is suitable for university students, university students, high school students, women, school students, girls and the unemployed to earn an income at home

What are the sections of the biqalamak website ?

"biqalamak website" offers many sections dedicated to writing such as the technical section, the health section, general sections, tutorials, the games section, the entertainment section, the around the world section, the cooking, beauty and skin care articles section and many other categories.

The user can choose the domain he wants and the site will then review and publish the article and include the author's name

In the next step, the site calculates the profits according to the number of views and visits received by the topic or article and the content that the user writes and publishes on a site with your pen

Since every thousand views the user earns 4 dollars, as the site is considered one of the honest sites that are guaranteed to profit and enable people to profit through it without complications, but with some specific conditions

What are the conditions for publishing articles on biqalamak Website to earn money from it?

The biqalamak site does not present many special conditions for making profits, but the person must write articles containing the following conditions:

The article that was written must be among the groups that the site offers and sections

The article must be 100% exclusive and not copied from another site

One should have creativity in writing in an attractive way

The focus should be on a topic with attractive content and complete details

The title of the article should contain words that attract users to the topic, this is to attract more readers

Attractive and eye-catching images should be included within the article that are relevant to the topic

How to withdraw profits and balance from the site biqalamak Website

The biqalamak site allows many payment methods for users, the most important of which is PayPal, free PayPal balance recharge, and also through money transfers through Western Union, in addition to other methods that will be added such as Vodafone Cash

Earnings can be withdrawn when the user reaches the minimum withdrawal amount for the PayPal payment method is $15

As for transfers from Western Union, it is a minimum payment of 50 dollars

The user can promote his own topics by sharing links on social networking sites and many different files, as the possibility of promotion is completely open

The link to register on the biqalamak website is here

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