Cognativex Advertising Company | Adsense Alternative to Earn Money From Blogger and Wordpress

In this post, we present to you the explanation of the advertising company cognativex, the best Adsense alternative to profit from Blogger and small Websites in WordPress 2021 - 2022

It is known that there are many bloggers and website owners looking for sites similar to Adsense in terms of profit and the way to profit from placing ads on their site, as a result of the lack of acceptance of their sites in Google Adsense

For this reason, we brought you the distinguished site cognativex, which accepts all websites, no matter how small, new and few visits, and accepts free blogspot domains, and it is one of the trusted sites and not a scam at all.

How to register with Cognativex Advertising Company

The way to register in this company is very easy, it is enough for you to enter the registration page and open a new account and we will put the registration link for you on the official website of the company at the end of the explanation

After entering the required page, you will be asked to provide the required data. The most important requirements are:

Put the full name with the nickname as it is in the national identity

Set a valid email

Set a unique username

Paste the link of your website or blog that you want to profit from

Setting the average page width of the site (how many visits per day)

Write a brief description of why you are applying to join cognativex

The required data will appear for you, you have to fill it out and press the Submit button

Thus, you will receive a message that includes a link to your control panel to monitor the number of visibility and appearance of ads and your profit numbers

One of the most important features of this company is the large profit return per 1000 visits

It also enables you to increase interaction with your content with visitors, which increases profits more than it was previously

All you have to do is create ad codes and place them on your site where you want the ad to appear to visitors

To register with cognativex Enter here

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