Difficulties of living in Canada | What are the advantages and disadvantages of immigrating

In this article, we provide you with all the detailed information and full details about the types of difficulties of studying in Canada , the disadvantages of immigration to Canada that they do not tell about for the year 2021 - 2022

Canada is one of those kind of people who travel to their levels and their data, but there is a lot of information out there that many are ignorant of.

What are the difficulties of living and working in Canada?

There are many questions that are asked by those people who want to travel to Canada

One of these questions is “What are the difficulties of living in Canada” and this matter will be answered in this article in detail and clearly

At the outset, and before all the difficulties and negatives in Canada are presented, a person must know that every country in the world has negatives and difficulties facing its citizens.

And the matter is not only limited to Canada, but these difficulties may be much simpler than the difficulties that a person may face in other countries

The difficulty of the medical system in Canada

One of the negatives and difficulties faced by people living in Canada is the medical system

As in European countries, as it is known, there is a private doctor called the family doctor, as they call him, and this matter is not present in Canada

Although the state of Canada is that it has declared that visiting a doctor is free in public hospitals, but it may take a lot of time to get an appointment with this doctor

This is a negative thing that makes citizens and people resort to private hospitals

You have to pay money for any service in Canada!

In Canada, it is well known that nothing is free, as every service, even if it is a simple service, must be paid for

For example, if the child goes to school with his lunch, he must pay 3 Canadian dollars to make sure that this meal will be eaten

This is generally to monitor the child that this meal will be eaten

The high cost of living in Canada

The cost of living is high in Canada and also the services and products are very expensive

As the price of 1 liter of milk is 1.50 dollars and the price of bread is 2.50 dollars

Also, the price of an egg basket of 12 eggs is $2.10 and many other prices

Housing costs in Canada

For housing in one room in the city center, the monthly rent ranges from 700 to 1400 dollars per month

As for the one-bedroom apartment but outside the city center, its rent is 500 to 600 dollars per month

Transportation costs in Canada

As for transportation in Canada, it is a bit high, as Canada is one of the largest countries in terms of area

There are many people who travel from one province to another, and this may require an airline ticket

The process of using a taxi costs from 2 to 3 dollars

As for the special fields of higher education, very large sums are required

There are many people who consider the weather a difficulty or a problem, as the weather is very cold in Canada, and this is the opposite of what is found in our countries

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