How To Create a Dropshipping Store in Shopify and How To Login in Shopify

In this post, we offer you an explanation of what Shopify is, how to log in through this free site, and how to build and create a dropshipping store in Shopify, free pdf in countries, and an explanation from Wikipedia Shopify dropshipping 2021 - 2022

Many people want to own their own business, especially in the Arab world, whose citizens suffer from poor salaries and great effort in jobs, and there are many Shopify stores for sale

There is still hope through e-commerce

E-commerce has grown significantly at this time, as a result of the global Corona pandemic, and it is expected that e-commerce will develop much more

The biggest example of this is the global Amazon company. It has made millions of profits. So what are you waiting for, you should start creating your online store now through the shopify website.

What is Shopify and how to use its services?

It is a website that allows users to create free online stores and sell their own products

Through this site, everyone can create their online stores with ease, at the lowest cost, with many features and at high speed

What are the advantages of Shopify to create online stores

Shopify allows you to create an e-commerce store

Possibility to create own lists of products

A shopping cart option is available on the site

The site fully manages credit card transactions

The store is SEO friendly

Sales tax is calculated automatically

There are gifts, offers, discounts and coupons on the site

Managing the work of sales and purchase orders

The site is in the process of measuring results and reports with special analyzes for the store

The store is compatible with all types of devices and screens

Creating a user's store is fully possible across the site where only the user's store must be linked to the store name so that the site can create a blog to write about their own products Store

The plan used can be selected completely and easily through the monthly subscription on the site or the Shopify Lite plan

How to create and build a dropshipping store in Shopify

The process of creating a store on the site is very easy, as you must enter the site link and then specify the name of the store and the name of the user and write down the user’s journey in the field of trade

There is a bar on the left side in which all store operations from buying and selling and settings are fully managed

The appearance of your store can be completely determined by free or paid themes and the inclusion of the product at the price the user wants

Trying the site is free for 15 days, but you must subscribe to one of the monthly plans

There are many features that can be discovered on the site and it is the perfect site to start creating your own online stores

To enter the Shopify platform or website, click here

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