The volume of e-commerce in USA for the year 2022

In this article, we present to you an explanation of the volume of e-commerce in America for the year 2022, the volume of e-commerce in USA , the volume of e-commerce in the world from 2020 and 2021 until 2022, the volume of e-commerce in the world 2019, and e-commerce statistics, e-marketing and retail in light of the Covid-19 virus. Corona pandemic

E-commerce has begun to become an essential thing in many countries and also for many merchants and companies, as after it has proven its great effectiveness and the enormous money that it accrues, whether to the state or to people and companies

There are many parties turning to e-commerce to benefit from it and also to take advantage of technology and Internet services to increase their sales and also grow their own business.

It is worth noting that e-commerce greatly affects the private economy in countries, as the volume of e-commerce profits in some countries constitutes a special and important return for many people, countries, companies and institutions.

There are many countries that realized the value of e-commerce a long time ago and focused on it and also focused on solving the obstacles that stand in the way of e-commerce in these countries

Work has been done to remove these obstacles and their negatives, but there are many other countries that did not realize the value of e-commerce until the time of the spread of the Corona virus.

With the spread of the Corona virus, all countries have taken measures to prevent the spread of the virus and are closing all markets and shops

This has caused many damages to many companies, many shops and many institutions and led to great losses

But e-commerce was the perfect solution to confront this matter, as there are many companies that had an online store on the Internet

This has helped many customers to communicate with these companies and shops and to obtain the services that were provided by themselves

 But there are many people and companies that have realized, this is too late and has led to great losses

Full details of the volume of electronic commerce in the United States of America

There are also many people who wonder about the size of e-commerce in USA , as it is known that America has been interested in e-commerce for a very long time.

But it was also reported that sales via retail e-commerce and also in all types of e-commerce have increased in the United States of America by 4.5 compared to the past years.

Whereas, according to statistics, the value of sales made through the Internet in USA and many other means amounted to 27.5 billion dollars in the third quarter.

As for the total sales value is 991 billion dollars

Reasons for the development and prosperity of e-commerce in USA

This great development was the result of the closure imposed by the virus and also the result that USA is greatly interested in e-commerce

It has made available many options that have eliminated the disadvantages and negatives that stand in front of e-commerce

As America contains many delivery companies for goods and also provides many payment methods

There are many people who depend and know in the culture of the Internet greatly, and this matter was enough to increase the proportion and volume of e-commerce in USA significantly.

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