Explanation Outbrain Company Advertising | Alternative To Google Adsense To Profit From Websites

In this post, we present to you, Explanation Outbrain Company Advertising, the best alternative to Adsense for profit from Blogger, WordPress, sites and blogs 2021. It accepts Arabic content, traffic and Islamic content without conditions and pays for impressions and clicks with the cpm 2022 system

Creating content on the web has become a source of income for thousands around the world and they make good profits from it by creating a website or blog, writing exclusive articles, and displaying ads belonging to advertising companies.

Some of the most popular sites to earn money from are Google Adense, Jubna Ads, Taboola, Infolinks, Leo cash, Revenuehits, Propeller Ads, Mgid Ads and Freedom Inc.

But all those companies that we mentioned to you above set conditions that are close to impossible to accept sites, and most of them do not accept small sites or do not accept traffic, but there is a wonderful and prestigious company called Outbrain

What is Outbrain Advertising Company

Outbrain is ranked among the best advertising companies, and it is an alternative that accepts traffic, accepts content, and is completely suitable

It works with the cpm system for profit from the site or blog and accepts everyone without conditions, but the content must be 100% exclusive and not plagiarized

The Outbrain site accepts visitors from all countries and enables site owners to profit from Blogger blogs affiliated with Google Adsense

The company works with many content creators in Canada, America, Australia, Britain, Finland, Switzerland, USA, Austria, Ireland, India, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, Iceland, Italy, France, Sweden, Russia, South Africa, Angola, Congo, Mexico, Colombia and all countries of the world because Outbrain pays for both impressions and clicks and the payment can be daily if you reach the minimum payment estimated at 50 dollars

The payment methods supported by the company are: Paypal - Bank Transfer - Western Union - Check to receive profits from the nearest bank near you in addition to Bitcoin, which we can call an Islamic Adsense alternative for Arabs, you can participate and be accepted to join the company if you are a professional in how Drafting the letter that is sent to request joining the company to profit from it

You must fill in the information required of you to complete and complete the form, which are:

  • Write the first name and surname
  • Put an email
  • write password
  • write the name of the company "fictitious"
  • Write your website link
  • Choose the percentage of monthly visits
  • Write a message with the request
  • Agree to the terms of the site
  • In the end, you send the request and you will be answered with acceptance or rejection after a maximum of three days

Here we finish the explanation, do not forget to share the topic with your friends so that everyone can benefit from it

To sign up for Outbrain from here

The message through which you are accepted: “Hello, I am a website owner and I write exclusive, unique and useful content for the public, I have great experience in improving sites and get the first results in search engines SEO, and I have a great desire to join your company to make money through the returns and profits generated About visits to my site, please accept my request, warm regards

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