Explained Ezoic Advertising Company : Best Alternative To Adsense To Profit From Websites

In this article, we present to you an explanation of Ezoic, which is the best alternative to Google Adsense, intended for internet pioneers, especially those who have Websites or blogs to make profit from them, whether sites in Blogger, WordPress or Wix, and it is indeed the best alternative to Google Adsense for the year 2021, 2022, especially for sites and Arabic content Islamic content is accepted

Ezoic company gives high profits compared to the rest of the companies, which you can according to your profits on the number of views and not the number of subscriptions or clicks on your page.

This value varies, of course, according to the number of subscribers, and others sometimes reach high amounts and they give you $ 16 per 1000 views.

ezoic is a company specialized in various advertisements that allow you to choose the size of the advertisement and choose it to appear on your channel or site and make profits from it easily and quickly

Types of ads offered by ezoic company:

  1. Mobile ads
  2. Persistent ads
  3. Link Ads
  4. Banner ads

Features of ezoic advertising company

There are many advantages that distinguish the company from other competitors of advertising companies, the most important of which are:

It allows you to completely choose the ads that are suitable for you in terms of size and size

You can withdraw your profits from your account when your account reaches the amount of $ 20, unlike other companies that sometimes request that your account reach $ 100 in order to allow you to withdraw, which is the minimum payment

The method of payment for ezoic is by check, bank transfer or paypal

With mentioning that you get profits from the number of your views and not the number of clicks, and the company helps you to optimize your site and blog in terms of performance in general

You can create an account on Paypal and withdraw all your profits from it without the need to activate the pin code to create an account in Paypal

ezoic company admission requirements

There are no difficult acceptance conditions in ezoic The terms of saying in ezoic are very simple, the number of visitors to your site must be large, for example, 10 thousand people must visit your site or blog in the last month before registering and starting to collect profits from Ezoic Chrome extension ads

You must have an account in Google Adsense and it is not important if it has been rejected or not, the number of articles on your site must be more than 30 articles

You need to buy a domain from Godaddy or have a professional domain in order to put the dns of ezoic company in the domain company, these are the most important conditions that ezoic offered to users

How to register in ezoic company and how to link sites

First, you enter the company’s official website to register on the site and open a new account to log into your control panel to benefit from ezoic services

Second, you insert your data such as email, name and password, then simply add the link to your website, and then create the ad codes and codes and put them on your site, and the ads will appear within hours only

Cons of ezoic company

There is one problem that the company suffers from, it is providing ads that do not match the content of your site, and this may lead to not improving the performance of your site in general.

How to delete ezoic account

You can delete the ezoic account at any time you want without any problems, this is up to you, you can delete the account through the settings and click on remove the account and you will be asked to confirm the deletion process and the account will be deleted directly

Here we finish explaining the ezoic website, do not forget to share the topic with your friends so that everyone can benefit from it

To register for ezoic advertising company Enter here

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