Explanation of the Forbes Website and Full Details About Forbes Middle East

In this article, we offer you an explanation of the Forbes website for the world's rich and full details about Forbes Middle East for the year 2020 - 2021 - 2022 detailed information about Forbes magazine download the pdf book Forbes + Forbes list

The sites that are produced and put on the Internet vary and vary, as each site has a specific feature and purpose that it displays to visitors and also the site was created on its basis

In this article, we will fully explain the forbes site, the characteristics it has, and the idea of ​​it

What is Forbes, what is its purpose, and what is this magazine interested in?

Forbes, or as it is called, the 400 Richest Americans is a site or list. This list and this site were published in 1982 for the first time.

As he ranked the rich people on this site according to their net worth, and this list is published annually in the month of September.

The origin of the special idea in Forbes magazine goes back to Malcolm Forbes, the site helps greatly to immortalize extraordinary characters

Forbes magazine is primarily concerned with determining the size and wealth of organizations, people and entities

The site greatly helps all the people who want to study the life of extraordinary businessmen and also their wealth in American society

The process of studying the fortunes in which the forbes site helps to explain and explain a large number of questions and questions that many people need, and also helps to answer many questions

The site also displays the most people who have donated their wealth in the United States of America

Also, Forbes magazine on our official website presents a list of the rich people who continuously contribute to the American economy

Forbes lists the stages of success of all the rich people, as well as all the obstacles they faced and the companies they own, as well as many information that benefits many people, such as the age of these people

What are the industries for Forbes?

their identities

their political positions

teach them

net worth

their charitable work

For the first list that was published by the site, there were only thirteen billionaires, which in 1982 had a net worth of $75 million.

As the site gives full details about the wealth of these businessmen, such as the dependence of their wealth on what, such as the dependence of their wealth on oil, petroleum, finance, technology and many other things

The site will give a detailed breakdown of each businessman, and also mention a lot of information, such as that there are four out of five personalities in 2006 from businessmen who left the university, including Bill Gates.

And also to mention minute details such as that there are some rich businessmen who made their fortune after having children, but the vast majority did not have children in this time frame.

The site also conducts a special study of the sex of rich businessmen, as the number of males is the number of females

Forbes magazine or website has seven copies in different languages, including Arabic in the name of Forbes Arabia, and the site greatly helps entrepreneurs get all the information they need

Link to enter the official website of Forbes magazine from here

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